How to Promote a Flash Sale for Your Business

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Flash Sale Promotion

While a flash sale might seem like a quick way to unload excess merchandise, there are many solid reasons to hold one. A flash sale is an excellent method for re-engaging your digital audience and increasing foot traffic to your brick and mortar location. If your business opts to host one, these flash sale ideas will help you promote the event to loyal customers and new shoppers alike.

Social Media Promotion

Instantly update your shoppers about flash sales using social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To further spread the word about your flash sale, allocate a portion of your marketing budget to paid promotion on these channels. Social media is an effective way to showcase merchandise on-sale and tease other specials. Create fun, engaging graphics with free programs like Canva and capture some photos to post on your company’s social media profiles.

Custom Banners

Promote your flash sale to your neighbors and community with banners. A banner might seem like an old-fashioned form of marketing, but hanging an asset like this outside of your business tells your audience more than what you printed. A banner sends a message that you’re connected with the local business community and value the patronage of in-person shoppers, as opposed to your digital buyers.

Email Campaign

Using a service like MailChimp or Constant Contact, inform and engage your mailing list with information about your flash sale. Share sale prices, discounted goods, and special coupons for subscribers. You don’t want your flash sale emails to seem like spam so add value to your messages with insider deals for your recipients. Also, make sure you use personalization techniques in your emails to reduce the amount of people who might delete your emails.


Include a flash sale flyer with receipts on in-store purchases. Try to encourage repeat business by offering special discounts on these flyers that employees handout when someone makes a purchase prior to the flash sale. This is an easy way to encourage shoppers to visit again, plus a flyer is a reminder that they can share with other people who might be interested.

Website Updates

Tell website visitors about your flash sale with home page updates and blog posts. This will also support your email campaign as message recipients can click-through your email to your website to learn more details about the flash sale. Additionally, blogs and new website landing pages can be shared on your social media channels. Website updates are also important for SEO purposes, in case someone is searching online for a deal on a specific product and they just so happen to see that your company is hosting a flash sale on exactly what they are interested in buying.