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Even in this age of one-click shopping from basically anywhere in the world, there’s a satisfaction that can’t be matched from buying local. That satisfaction applies to both local shoppers and local business owners, and you can encourage the practice with a Free Image Download (LINK) to print out and hang in your storefront window.

Just in case you need a little boost to urge folks to buy local, we’ve compiled five reasons business owners benefit from local consumers.

Avoid shipping hassles

Sick of packing, taping, calculating costs, finding boxes, printing labels, setting up pickups, tracking packages and otherwise engaging in the massive hassles of shipping your items? Sell your stuff to local walk-in customers and you can simply take the money, bag it up and watch them merrily walk out with the goods in hand.

Boost local economy

Local shoppers help boost the overall local economy. Think about it. When local walk-ins spend loads of money in your shop, you may generate enough business to expand your operations, hire more local staff to work there that now have their own money to spend on other local businesses and do the same.

Another economy boost comes from the services or goods you’re selling. Local bookshops may offer books by local authors. Art shops and galleries can do the same for local artists. And restaurants can have a heyday serving up meals prepped with locally grown produce.

Get to meet (and treat!) your neighbors

Emails and phone calls may be quick and easy ways to take orders, but they can never replace the friendly, face-to-face meetings you can enjoy with your in-person customers. Running a local business is about more than making money. It’s about contributing to the very fabric of the community.

Not only do you get the chance to become a community fixture, but you can offer your expertise, advice, and personalized service. You can also participate in community events, give back by volunteering at local organizations, and otherwise become an integral part of your business’s neighborhood.

Serve as example for others

Your own thriving local business can not only serve as a community hub, but it can serve as a model for other would-be local business owners to set up their own shops. Better yet, you may even get to act as a mentor or guide, sharing tips, tricks and regulations you followed on the path to your own success.

Offer something truly unique

Sure, millions of people can buy online. But in many cases, millions of people can also buy the exact same thing online. Your business can instead serve up unique, quirky or otherwise memorable services or items people can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Ready to promote buying local yet? Simply click for the Free Image Download, print it out, stick it in your window and watch the local folks flock on in! You can also add to the message with buy local banners, invitations, handouts or other printable goodies to share with the local masses.