20 End of the Year Superlatives for Rockstar Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

End of Year Superlatives for Rockstar Employees

At the end of the year, it’s only natural to take a few minutes and reflect on the great work your employees did over the previous twelve months. What better way to show them that you sincerely appreciate all the great work they’ve done for you and the company than with a little recognition that’s unique to them.

As an employee, few things are more rewarding than being singled out and having your individual contribution to the team recognized publicly. You might be surprised how much mileage you will get out of a certificate with a personalized message on it.

Short on ideas (or short on time)? Here are some suggestions for the rockstar employees in your office.

Pop Culture

  1. David Bowie Award. The David Bowie Award is for the employee who never fails to make magic when given an assignment.

2. Beyonce Award. Got a worthwhile diva in your office? Someone with loads of personality who’s always willing to help a coworker?

3. BB-8 Award for Pluck. Who’s more lovable than Star Wars’ spark plug of a droid. He may not be the star of the show, but BB-8 is always an invaluable member of the team.

4. The Sansa Stark Award for Perseverance. Have you had an employee take on a particularly expansive, exhausting project this year? This is the perfect award for them!

5. The Steel Magnolias Award. Have you got a team of ladies who’ve banded together to get the job done? Celebrate that achievement with the Steel Magnolia Award.

6. The Eleven Award. Have you got a newcomer who’s risen to the occasion in a big way? They’re your Eleven.

7. The Luke Cage Award for Toughness. For the salesperson or customer service rep who’s responsible for handling a particularly ornery client, a little toughness is always part of the equation.

8. The Tony Stark Award for Innovation. If a member of your team has managed to make an invaluable process more efficient or figured out some new means of capital, they deserve to be compared to one of comics’ greatest geniuses.

9. The Chimichanga Award. Got an off-kilter joker in your office? Someone who never fails to brighten everyone’s day with their weird perspective? Celebrate like a Deadpool fan with the Chimichanga Award.


  1. Lamplighter Award. Is someone always at their desk when everyone else is long gone? They’re your lamplighter.
  2. The Office Mom Award. If someone in your office is always willing to listen to someone’s problems or bring in some food for an office potluck, they’re your provider, the Office Mom.
  3. The ‘Glued To Your Seat’ Award. When there’s somebody in your office who always seems to be at their desk, they might deserve this little bit of recognition.
  4. The Awwwww-Ward. Admit it, there’s someone in your office who’s always quick to share the newest cute animal pic. These pics are perfect for a short break in between assignments, and your employee should be rewarded for it.
  5. The Great Communicator. With all the means of communication available in a modern office, people who actually take the time to use them are few and far between. Why not celebrate those members of your team who are always clear and open about their plans?

6. The Reader. Let’s be honest, of all the emails and memos that run through the typical office, how much do you think really gets read by employees? Most people are probably lucky to read about 40 percent of the text that comes through their inbox. Then, there’s this person, who seems to read everything that’s put in front of them, whether it applies to their department or not. That’s something to be commended.


  1. The Know-it-All. Every good office has someone who seems to know everything. Whether it’s in-depth details on the company’s latest project or the results of the 1943 World Series, you can ask this person and they’ll know. Know-it-all isn’t an insult if it’s true.
  2. The Unofficial Techie Award. Before you call the tech guys, you always call this person, someone who gladly takes time out of their busy day to help you figure out why your mouse won’t work, or why your computer keeps freezing. They’re a hero.
  3. The Worm Award. Who’s the first person in the office every morning? They’re your early bird, and what is it that early birds are after? Make their dream come true.
  4. Captain Coffee Bean. Offices run on coffee, right? No one knows that more than the brave soul who’s always the first one to fill up a pot of coffee for consumption. It’s a real public service and it deserves to be rewarded as such.
  5. The Bogey. Every office has a cool guy or girl. They’re the one everyone seems to admire, the one everyone invites out for a few relaxing drinks. They’re your Bogey (or Bacall, as the case may be).

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