Things Only Stationery Lovers Will Understand

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Some people collect shoes. Others collect statues. And then there’s a special breed of folks who can’t help but collect stationery. We are the letter writers. The poets. The romantics. The people who preserve the art of hand-written correspondence. We are, indeed, the stationery lovers. If you happen to fall into the stationery lovers category, then you certainly know how a brand new pack of stationery is an absolutely festival of delight for our senses.


The sight captures us first. Fresh, clean, and wholly pristine, our brand new stationery awaits. We are as giddy on children on Christmas as we make a gentle incision in the stationery packaging to slowly, carefully extract a crisp, new piece of paper. We gaze at the color. Visually embrace the design. Wonder what color ink will look best as we fantasize about penning our very first letter.


The aroma hits us next. Fresh, new paper. It smells of hope. It smells of promise. It smells of connections and friends, aspirations and dreams. It even smells better than a new car. We actually once saw an incense aroma billed as “new car smell.” Wonder if anyone has yet to come up with the same for new stationery?


Whether we’re fans of smooth-as-silk paper or prefer stationery with a fibrous texture, nothing beats the feel of the pen gliding effortlessly across the page. Our fingers glide as gracefully as the pen. We smooth out the page with our palm. We pick up the paper, feel its generous weight, then put it back down to write some more.

When we’re ready to fold the paper for the envelope, we do so with an engineer’s precision. We make the crease sharp, accurate, and perfectly straight so the missive slips seamlessly into the awaiting envelope.

We lay the remaining paper neatly in our drawer, or as neatly as it can get on top of several other packages of stationery for every mood, purpose and occasion. The drawer feels as if it weighs 1,000 pounds as we gently, slowly slither it shut. We use our knee to help push the drawer as we press down on the top pack of paper so the drawer will actually close.

Opening our drawers full of stationery is done just as precisely, careful not to catch or bend the bulging stacks, our mountains of marvelous stationery. Even those who tease us about our mounds of magnificent paper are always thrilled to receive one of our hand-written, heartfelt letters. And even those who say we have more than enough stationery to last us several lifetimes still purchase us new sets as gifts.

Just like oxygen, love or pizza, you can never have enough stationery. No matter how much we amass, there’s always one more package or one more design, just waiting for us to enjoy. And stationery lovers will find plenty to enjoy with the selection at PaperDirect.