Certificates for Summer Camp Achievements

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

summer camp certificate with kids camping

With tons of sun, fun, and friends, summer camp always gives kids something to remember. You can help make those memories even more meaningful, vivid, and long-lasting if you dole out summer camp certificates to attendees.

Not sure what type of summer camp certificate options to create? Read on for some fun ideas.

Best Lanyard Maker

Even if your arts and crafts sessions don’t have kids making any lanyards, you can certainly reward a job well done for any project. After each arts and crafts meeting, have children vote on the overall top project for the day’s creations. Then keep a running list of winners who can each go home with a summer camp certificate for the best lanyard, best friendship bracelet, best painted rock, and other projects you create.

Best Obstacle Course Runner

Excelling in sports can be another way your camp attendees can earn a summer camp certificate. Keep tabs on the winners of any running contest, obstacle course, rope climbing, and other sports activities, then present each winner with a summer camp certificate that proclaims their sporting superpowers.

Best Swimmer

Water activities are another summer camp staple, and they provide yet another way to reward attendees. A certificate for the best swimmer is a splashy option, and you can make additional waves with certificates for the best boater, best cannon baller, best windsurfer, or whatever else the kids end up doing in the water.

Best Insect Identifier

Connecting with nature provides another entire category of summer camp certificates. Keep an eye on the kids who seem to have a special knack for identifying insects, plants, wildlife, and scat. Compile another list of attendees that excel at finding paths, pitching tents, hand-washing socks in the stream, or otherwise thriving in an outdoor environment.

Best Smile

Is there a kid that lights up the entire room every time he or she smiles? Or perhaps there’s an attendee who is an excellent helper, a terrific friend, or goes out of his or her way to make sure everything is neat and tidy after every project or event.

By all means, give out a few more summer camp certificates that acknowledge the massive variety of greatness. Create certificates for the best smile, the best helper, the best pal, the best cleaner-upper, and additional stand-out traits campers exhibit.

Wording for Summer Camp Certificate Options

The exact wording you use on each summer camp certificate depends, of course, on what the certificate is honoring. But you will want to include certain details on every certificate you issue. These include:

  • Reason certificate is being awarded
  • Name of camp, program, counselor or facility awarding the certificate
  • Name of recipient
  • Official signature and date

One more tip is to ensure the certificate is as sunny and fun as the camp experience itself. Take a peek at the PaperDirect specialty certificate options that serve up a wide range of colors and designs to match your own particular summer camp vibe.