#ThrowbackThursday: The 5 Best 90s School Supplies

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90s school supplies

As most kids who grew up in the 90s know, school supply shopping wasn’t just throwing random supplies into a cart and calling it a day. Instead, choosing supplies was a feat that required finding the coolest binders, the best pens and pencils, and all the latest gadgets to show off your style.

To pay tribute to those bygone days and all those neon supplies, here are some of the world’s best school supplies from the 1990s.

A Pencil Grip

Because those patented number two pencils were just too squirrely to handle with your bare hands, the 1990s saw the invention of the ergonomic pencil grip, a totally-not-useless addition to every 90s kid’s backpack. Hip kids had a plethora of colors to choose from for appropriate coordination with their outfit or binders.

A Trapper Keeper

No matter where you lived, at school the coolest accessory to own, hands down, was the Trapper Keeper. It wasn’t just a binder; it was a personal expression of your individuality. From the pattern you picked to the stickers you plastered across the front and back, the Trapper Keeper was a scholastic necessity.

Standalone Erasers

When you needed to get rid of those obnoxious pencil marks, but you preferred to just smear low-grade rubber across the page instead of erasing them, you reached for one of your decorative erasers. Of course, you never actually used your favorites, just kept them in your pencil bag to show off your style!

Push-Up Pens

Using two different writing utensils was something your boring old parents did. In the 1990s, it was all about using cigar-sized pens that had five or six different colors right inside of them. Who cares that they never worked longer than five minutes? They were must-have items.

Five Star Notebooks

If Trapper Keepers were for the kids, then Five Star notebooks were for the serious academics. Equally important was having a notebook in every color of the rainbow to distinguish between your subjects.

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