What to Write In A Boss’s Day Card

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what to write in boss day card

Boss’s Day is coming! This year, it’s celebrated on Monday, October 16, and if you don’t want to be the odd employee out, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to show your appreciation for all that your supervisor does for you and the company.

While gift giving is common in some companies, we suggest giving a heartfelt greeting card and saving the gift for the holidays. Knowing what to write in a Boss’s Day card can be a little tough as mushy prose is super awkward and just signing your name is a little cold. So, let’s find that happy medium that your boss will think is just right!

The Opening Greeting

Somewhere on the card, place your boss’s name. You might open the card and hand-write “Dear (Their Name)” above the pre-written greeting card text. Or, include a message, starting with their name, on the left side of the card in the blank space. First names are fine if you use them in everyday office conversation.

The Main Message

OK, this is where things can get as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. First, start off by wishing them a Happy Boss’s Day! Then, in a sentence or two, say what you like about your professional relationship. You might mention their mentoring skills or perpetual patience. If that feels sufficient, wrap up the card with your closing and signature.

If you’ve had a memorable experience within the past year, this is a good time to acknowledge it. Are you a new employee? Thank the boss for their extra attention and guidance during your transition. Or, did you finish a big project together? Talk about how your collaboration made it all possible.

Have you worked with your boss for ages and have grown a friendship outside the office? It might be nice to include a few lines about how much you value your friendship and look forward to the future together, tackling whatever comes your way in and out of the office.

The Closing Signature

Remember, this card is going to your boss. Skip the sappy “Yours Truly” or “With Love”, unless the head of the office happens to be your spouse or child! Instead, keep it professional and simple by closing with “Sincerely”, “Thank You” or even “Warm Wishes”.

If you haven’t picked up a Boss’s Day card yet, browse Paper Direct’s online store. With a few clicks, the card will be on its way to your office. Then, grab your favorite pen and write a short, but meaningful message in honor of Boss’s Day. Your supervisor is sure to love your appreciation!