16 High-Impact, Low-Cost Employee Appreciation Ideas

Employee Recognition Ideas

low-cost employee appreciation ideas

If you appreciate your employees and all the hard work they do for you, taking a moment to show gratitude goes a long way. After all, who doesn’t love hearing those two magic words: thank you!

If you’re ready to amp up the employee morale in your office, you can spread kindness and thanks every day of the week with these low-cost employee appreciation ideas and gifts.

Low-cost employee appreciation ideas 

  1. Sweet treat: A morning pastry, gourmet cup of coffee or afternoon chocolate bar will create a smile.
  2. Lapel pin: A little celebratory bling is always a good thing.
  3. Gift card: Declare lunch on you at your employee’s favorite restaurant.
  4. Coffee mug: Fill a novelty insulated mug with tea bags or instant coffee packets.
  5. Set of note cards: Monogrammed thank you notes are adorable and perfect for the wordy person on your staff.
  6. Small trophy: A little award to display proudly on a shelf is sure to express your heartfelt gratitude.
  7. Sticky notes: Small stacks of cute paper is always a fun addition to a busy desk.
  8. Deluxe pen: They’re cozy in the hand and smooth on paper. We all love a quality writing tool!
  9. Desk candle: Add a warm ambiance and gentle fragrance to the colleague’s workspace.
  10. Business card holder: Shiny, classic or whimsical, a new card holder is always a welcome gift.
  11. Handwritten note: Grab fancy stationery, a colorful pen, and write a few positive sentences about your hardworking employee.
  12. Candy jar: Desk decorations should serve a purpose, like feeding that afternoon sweet tooth. Fill a cookie jar with a favorite treat and surprise the recipient!
  13. Mini calendar: Have a small desk calendar made featuring photos of fun office antics snagged from Instagram.
  14. Hand-held game: An old school, mind-bending toy is the perfect office stress reliever and gift!
  15. Decorative lanyard: Present a new way to carry around office ID cards or keys.
  16. Award certificate: Name the good deed and the recipient on a frame-worthy document that can be proudly displayed in the office.

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