Thoughtful Student Recognition Ideas

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Regardless of what grade students are in, they all want some type of positive reinforcement when they do something well or improve on something they have been struggling with in the past. Whether it’s good behavior, improved behavior or good grades, teachers must show each and every student that they are valued and appreciated. Even the students who seem to…

Importance of Student Recognition: Reward and Motivate

Student Recognition Ideas

importance of student recognition

If you’re a teacher, you know that positive student recognition is a great incentive and motivator of continued student progress and good behavior. Here is why it’s so important to recognize students, and some fun ways to honor their accomplishments. Why is Student Recognition Important? When students are given nothing but negative feedback, they will feel beaten down and will…

Student Recognition Ideas That Work

Student Recognition Ideas

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Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world today–educating and molding our youth to be tomorrow’s heroes, leaders and innovators. For this reason, it’s important to put as much effort into the affective part of education as the technical part of education. Affective education is values based and deals with nurturing the child, rewarding him, and providing…

Different Types of Diplomas and What They Mean

Student Recognition Ideas

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Not all diplomas are alike and must reflect the exact nature of the education that has been completed. Diploma types vary from school to school, and in most states, decisions about diploma requirements are made by state education officials. Students should speak with parents and counselors and think carefully before deciding which type of diploma is best for them. Ideally, students…

Design a Diploma Certificate for Pre-School

Student Recognition Ideas

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We should always recognize a child’s first school experience, so it’s important to design a diploma certificate for pre-school students if you are the director of the school. Receiving some kind of award will make that day even more special and will give the child and parents something tangible to remind them of that wonderful landmark in the child’s life….

Ideas for Student Classroom Rewards

Student Recognition Ideas

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One thing teachers know is that keeping kids motivated can be a real challenge.  While bigger kids are beginning to understand the need for their education and aren’t quite as hard to motivate, little kids can be very difficult to keep in the groove. That’s where having classroom rewards comes into play so the kids have a goal to achieve…

Making Extraordinary Graduation Certificates

Student Recognition Ideas

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Once you graduate high school and college, you may not think that getting a graduation certificate for anything would be a real stretch. However, there are lots of reasons you may receive, or need to make graduation certificates. Completion of extra curricular classes and courses, especially those held within a company can be a good reason for graduation certificates. Regardless…

Successfully Motivating Your Classroom

Student Recognition Ideas

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Students can be some of the most frustrating people in the world to work with. Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t matter how interesting you make the material, they just don’t want to put forth the effort to learn, and when you add in the distractions of outside activities and holidays, those distractions take an even larger toll on their…

Rewarding Your Students in Cost Effective Ways

Student Recognition Ideas

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When it comes to encouraging students to do their best, nothing works better than a little incentive. Knowing there are awards and rewards available for good work and consistent effort helps students to maintain their focus and motivation to complete tasks and to deliver good work. Fortunately, being able to reward students for their efforts isn’t an expensive prospect, as…