5 Ways to Recognize the Achievements of Superstar Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

Golden Star Casual Certificates  by PaperDirectWithout your employees, you wouldn’t have a company. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to properly recognize and reward the performances and achievements of your team. After all, research shows that feeling appreciated is one of the leading drivers of employee engagement and it’s that type of boost that can really motivate your staff members to continue to raise the bar with their work.

So just how do you go about recognizing and rewarding your employees for a job well done? Here’s a look at five ways to recognize achievements:

  1. Swirly Stars Casual Certificates by PaperDirectAward Certificates: Award certificates are a great low-cost way to honor your staffmembers. Have them ready to go at your monthly staff meetings and present them to the top employees of the month in front of the rest of your staff members. The employees being recognized will appreciate the gesture and feel good about being lauded in front of their peers. And their peers will see something that they too can strive for.
  2. Exclusive Parking Spots: Rewarding employees with the best parking spots is another creative, inexpensive way to show your appreciation. However, make sure that the spots that you’re awarding are clearly marked “Employee of the Month Parking” or something similar. Also, make sure that the spots are actually better than others in the lot. For example, the employee of the month spots might be covered and steps away from the office entrance.
  3. Gift Basket: Everyone needs a night out. And if you reward your top employees with a “night out” gift basket, it’s a gesture that will be appreciated and used. Include things like restaurant and movie theater gift cards, a bottle of wine and perhaps even some chocolates or candies.
  4. Give Kudos in Company Newsletter: It always feels good to get public recognition. That’s why giving kudos to superstar employees in the company newsletter is a great way to honor the work of your top staff members and have them feeling good about themselves. Not only are you giving them props, but their peers will surely be stopping by after reading the newsletter to do the same.
  5. Simply Show You Care: Make a special trip over to the superstar employee’s desk or office during some point in the day and simply spend a few minutes talking about how much you appreciate them and thank them for their commitment to your company. It’s simple, yes – but simply showing you care can go an extremely long way.