Christmas Party Planning Tip #2 – Brainstorm

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Christmas Party Planning Tip #2

You have a budget in place. Your dream of having an amazing Christmas party is real. Now you need to find a place to host the event. Think through your list of friends and colleagues. Do any of them have connections at a local venue? Is there a location in your city that makes you smile each time you visit? Write them down.

While brainstorming potential party locations, you’ll need to keep a few logistical considerations in mind.

Keep in Mind:

  • What will the weather be like in December? Will I be able to use an outdoor venue?
  • Is the location easy for out-of-town guests to find?
  • Does the venue have services I may need, such as catering or a DJ?
  • What is the maximum occupancy at the venue?

Once you have the Christmas party location set, send festive Save the Date postcards to everyone on the guest list.

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