Unique Marketing Ideas to Rise Above the Competition

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

In tough economic times, marketing your business is crucial to keeping it up and running. With limited money to spend, consumers must be choosy about where to spend their hard-earned dollars. When it comes to getting customers to your door or to your website, the key is to promote your products and services in a unique way that will make prospective buyers put your company at the top of their list.

Here are some unique marketing ideas for businesses large and small:

  1. Compare your business to the competition and make it clear why yours is the best choice.
  2. Focus on small details like creating an effective logo, clever tag line and attractive business brochures.
  3. Offer specials deals and discounts, especially to first-time customers. The money you lose by giving discounts will be made up in the long run with repeat customers.
  4. Personalize communication with customers. Send emails, direct mail postcards and other such communications to customers using their names. This creates a connection and makes the customer feel special.
  5. Keep your website up to date and post new information regularly. Blogs are a great way to keep your clients and customers informed of new products and services you’re offering and shows that you’re putting effort into keeping your business going.
  6. Post testimonials on  your website. Ask regular customers to write honest reviews of your business and show your appreciation by offering a coupon or customer loyalty card.
  7. Offer package deals. Some businesses may not be able to do this, but if the product or service you provide can be bundled, then offer customers more bang for their buck. Make it clear how much money will be saved by bundling, and the consumers will see the great deal they’re getting.
  8. Get your business involved in the community by participating in a charity event or fundraiser. If there’s a county fair, have a booth and offer giveaways and samples of your products.
  9. Support other local businesses. This establishes camaraderie with other companies and will get your face and company name out there in the community.
  10. Team-up with your weaker competitors to beat your stronger competitors.
  11. Beat your competition by giving away a similar product or service that they charge for or beat their price.

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