How to Promote your End of Summer Sale

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An end of summer sale is an ideal way to move out the old merchandise to make room for the new, but it only works if people actually know it’s happening. Check out these hot-as-August tips to promote end of summer sale to help get customers engaged and excited to buy. Personal Invites Direct mail can still be a boon,…

How (and When) to Start Holiday Marketing

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Holiday Lights

When to start holiday marketing is a tricky decision. You want to stir up excitement and gain momentum early, but you don’t want to overload consumers with holiday fanfare and totally turn them off. There is no clear-cut right or wrong answer on when to start holiday marketing, although Dec. 23 is probably a shade too late. InternetRetailer reported on a…

8 Office-Friendly Workouts to Get You Movin’

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Office Lunges

Just because you can’t break into a flurry of jumping jacks in the middle of a board meeting doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at work. Even short activity breaks can go a long way toward combating the detriments of sitting at a desk all day. Check out six office friendly workouts inspired by info at Fitbie and Fitness magazine. Chair Squats Find…

The Best Snacks for a Healthy Office

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Whether they’re packed in the office vending machine or calling out to you from the break room table, unhealthy snacks are generally lurking around every workplace corner. For the third post in our healthy office series, we compiled a list of common harmful foods at work and then provided alternative snacks for a healthy office. Harmful Foods vs. Snacks for…

9 Summer Office Party Ideas to Boost Morale

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Opening Day

While many companies note a decrease in productivity during the summer months, there are many ways to combat this! The summer season offers employers the opportunity to have some fun with their staff. Summer office parties are a great perk for employees and also serve as an effective method for building comradely. “I saw good responses to perks that weren’t…

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Family Reunion this Summer

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Water Sport - Family Reunion

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” Family plays an instrumental role in every person’s life, and gathering all of your kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and grandparents together for an annual family reunion will create a treasured tradition for years to come. Certainly you can host a simple picnic or BBQ for your family reunion. However, starting…

Is Your Office Making You Fat?

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running at lunch hour

Even if you have an ergonomic work station and desk drawer full of granola, your office could be making you fat. Sitting around all day can make you fat, sick and prone to premature death, and those risks apply even if you make time for regular exercise. The good news is you don’t have to take the bad news sitting…

How to Get More Sponsors for Your Charity Golf Tournament

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Golf Sponsors

In a Constant Contact blog post from 2012, author Ryan Mahoney states that sponsors “are one of the foundational elements of your event because they add things that can draw people.” We agree. If you’re planning a charity gold tournament, you need sponsors to give their support. Rather than scratching your head wondering how to get sponsors for a golf tournament,…

The Importance of Requiring a Vacation

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Summer Vacation

“The average U.S. worker with paid time off left 3.2 vacation days unused in 2013,” writes Inc. contributor Adam Vaccaro. “That information probably doesn’t come as a surprise; various estimates say anywhere from 40 percent to two-thirds of workers fail to use all their vacation time. And a report last year from the Center for Economic and Policy Research showed…

How to Keep Productivity Up in the Summer Months

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There’s a reason many business note that productivity in the summer decreases. According to research compiled by Grasshopper, “25% of office workers felt their productivity decreased in the summer time.” Furthermore, 63% of respondents stated they left the office earlier during the summer while 60% report taking their lunch outdoors during this time of year. However, there are steps business…