Why You Should Pass Out Certificates of Completion

How to Design Certificates

classic completion certificate

Each and every day, small business owners are lending their expertise to every imaginable field and specialty. From dog trainers to craft specialists, courses can be an integral part to developing your business. As your clients complete your courses, however, you may be wondering how best to handle their graduation. After all, it’s just as important for your client to…

10 Content Ideas for an Amazing Internal Newsletter

Employee Recognition Ideas

Internal Newsletter

Keeping your staff in the loop about company events and policy changes is critical. So, why not make it fun? Next time you design your internal newsletter, arrange a few of these unexpected pieces of content around the must-publish business news articles. Soon, employees will look forward to this regular piece of communication — even if it does list upcoming…

How to Create a Fun Work Environment

Employee Recognition Ideas

How to Create a Fun Work Environment

Do Thursdays at work seem to drag on and on and on? So, why not goof around a bit? Thursday, January 28 is National Fun at Work Day so it’s completely appropriate to play a few gags on your co-workers, plan a special event or try one of these boredom-busting activities to get the entire office laughing. Hold a Costume…

How to Advertise Your Special Event

Business Marketing Ideas

special event

The big one is approaching. Whether it’s a grand opening, new product launch or your company’s making a huge announcement, you have to let everyone know. Start planning your special event promotion tactics ASAP. Create a hashtag Think of a clever one to three word phrase that amplifies your special event. Or, use the event slogan, name or acronym. Then…

What to Include in an Employee Newsletter

Designing Your Business Communication

Employee Newsletter

An employee newsletter is instrumental when it comes to motivating and educating your workforce. Most employees are keen to gain some insight on the inner workings of their company, whether they tell you directly or not. As such, a newsletter is an excellent way to disseminate information on a large scale. Even better, you can spice up your newsletter and…

10 Stellar Sales Recognition Ideas

Employee Recognition Ideas

recognize your sales team

It requires ongoing efforts to keep your company’s sales force motivated and closing new clients. Of course you compensate them appropriately and provide regular recognition for their service, but if you’d like to get the most from your team, you’ll need to provide creative incentives that go beyond standard rewards. Here are ten sales recognition ideas designed to keep your…

Ways to Incentivize Employees in the New Year

Employee Recognition Ideas

Businesspeople In Meeting

Inventor, engineer, and businessman Charles Kettering once said, “Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.”   Just like an individual making a resolution, the new year is an ideal time to set goals for your business. Meeting those goals requires getting your employees on-board with your company’s plans…

How to Graciously Postpone/ Cancel Your Wedding

DIY Wedding Ideas

cancel wedding

Life happens. Sometimes things beyond your control make it necessary to postpone or cancel your wedding. A family emergency, unexpected illness, loss of wedding budget or change of heart can mean it’s time to let your guests know the change in plans. Here’s how to do it with grace and tact. Contact Your Vendors As soon as you choose to…

Proper Announcement Order for Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Ideas

wedding flowers

Sure you know your magical date and where you’ll say “I do”, but do you know the proper announcement order for wedding invitations? Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Name the Hosts Traditional wedding invitations start by naming the host(s) for the event. Usually, the bride or groom’s family will be named here….

Holiday Contests Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

Arm wrestling

For businesses, the holidays are a time to sell, sell, sell. Whether you’re working in the retail sector or have an office job, your boss wants to see the company’s monthly profits soar this time of year. To boost those numbers, why not host a few friendly holiday contests among your employees to motivate them to do their best? Per…