6 Ways to Motivate & Recognize Your Volunteers

Recognition & Motivation Ideas


American author Cynthia Ozick once said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” Across the nation and around the world, volunteers make the important work of nonprofit organizations possible. However, these generous heroes often go unsung.   Nonprofits can use these six ways to recognize volunteers for all of their donated hours and meaningful…

Why Your Employees Aren’t Listening to You

Employee Recognition Ideas

employees listening

There’s a fog of inattention seeping into your workplace. Morale seems lower, intrigue and insubordination higher. Your team is less cohesive than it should be. How did things become this way, and more importantly how can you fix it? Don’t blow your top or despair just yet. It’s never too late to reinvigorate your team and reclaim their focus. It’s…

4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Employees Anniversaries

Employee Recognition Ideas


You don’t have much of a business without a dedicated staff by your side. So, celebrate them. Each year when an employee’s hire date comes up, move beyond the customary reviews and annual evaluations. Use one of these ways to celebrate employee anniversaries to make each person feel truly appreciated for their talents and dedication to the company. Host a…

20 Office Products That are Actually Awesome

Office Fun

reset button

Work is called work for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of amusement with these 20 fun office products. Stress Cupcake Get it The squeezable, stress-beating cupcake lets you indulge in your favorite stress-beating goodie without piling the pounds. Hat Pencil Erasers Get it Top off your pencils with class with a stylish set of…

How to Promote a Charity Golf Tournament on a Budget

Event Planning Tips


There’s no doubt nonprofit organizations must undergo quite a bit of work to organize a successful golf tournament, however the results can be tremendous, especially when the event is properly promoted. Promoting a charity golf tournament can be an expensive task. Advertising and marketing efforts can quickly dry up the funds a foundation has available. These tips can help a nonprofit…

5 Ways to Promote your Golf Course in the Scorching Summer

Business Marketing Ideas


“I play in the low 80s. If it’s any hotter than that, I won’t play.”   For golf course owners and managers, this sentiment is all too familiar during the scorching months of the summer. However, these five ways to promote your golf course during the hottest season of the year will help you entice golfers to hit the links….

Why Recognition Programs Improve Employee Retention

Employee Recognition Ideas


In a spring 2013 study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, the association found that 33 percent of HR professionals indicated “employee retention/turnover” to be a top challenge in their profession. While attracting top talent to your company is vital, keeping these valuable employees satisfied in their jobs is also crucial to your overall success. A tried-and-true method…

How to Have a Successful School Fundraiser

Seasonal & Special Events Ideas

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Each year, students look forward to game nights at the school and chances to win prizes when selling items like candy bars and wrapping paper. These school fundraisers not only provide extra cash for school programs, they also create entertainment and teachable moments for the kids. So, let’s make sure the next fundraiser is a huge success for everyone. Plan…

How to Promote your End of Summer Sale

Business Marketing Ideas


An end of summer sale is an ideal way to move out the old merchandise to make room for the new, but it only works if people actually know it’s happening. Check out these hot-as-August tips to promote end of summer sale to help get customers engaged and excited to buy. Personal Invites Direct mail can still be a boon,…

How (and When) to Start Holiday Marketing

Business Marketing Ideas

Holiday Lights

When to start holiday marketing is a tricky decision. You want to stir up excitement and gain momentum early, but you don’t want to overload consumers with holiday fanfare and totally turn them off. There is no clear-cut right or wrong answer on when to start holiday marketing, although Dec. 23 is probably a shade too late. InternetRetailer reported on a…