Employee’s Pick: 5 Favorite PaperDirect Mailers

Pursuit Brochures by PaperDirect

Our employees at PaperDirect believe in our products and have found success utilizing them in their own circumstances. These are our favorite five mailers from the employees here at PaperDirect, whose job it is to get you the highest quality products and best prices available!

Our 5 Favorite PaperDirect Mailers

Pursuit 3 Panel Brochures — Brochures are a great promotional tool because they allow a business to provide in-depth information about a special offer while also utilizing visual representations, graphics and photographs to the best of their ability.

Add Your Own Design Oversized Postcard by PaperDirect

Add a Photo oversized postcards- These are not only effective, but they are aninexpensive marketing aid. A postcard is a tangible way to reach your target demographic, and the Add a Photo oversized postcards allow business owners to personalize them for their specific organization.


 	 Delicate LetterTop™ Certificates by PaperDirect

Delicate Gold Designed Lettertop Certificates
Lettertop Certificates are one of the most elegant and professional ways to reach out to customers. Whether you are touching base with a previous customers, or you are looking to get new leads, you will want personalized lettertops that contain all of your brand information. Our PaperDirect lettertops can include photographs, graphics, brand names, logos, contact information and more.

Imperial Border Papers by PaperDirect

Imperial Border Flyers — Flyers are easy, cheap and effective. You can make a flyer for nearly any occasion, and all types of businesses can figure out ways to utilize these promotional pieces. The
Imperial Border design will work for just about any promotion or occasion.

White Square Personalized Envelopes — Certain promotions and mailers will require an envelope, so you will want to opt for the personalized envelopes that we offer. This allows you to include a logo, brand name and printed address on the envelope, and increases your professional appearance.

White Square Personalized Envelopes by PaperDirect

We recognize that businesses utilize PaperDirect products in a wide variety of ways, and we feel that these mailers will fit the needs of many different types of 21st century businesses. Whether you are the marketing manager at a corporate firm or a local business owner with a Main Street location, we know that these mailers can help you reach your target customers. To find out more information about PaperDirect mailers, visit us today.

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10 Romantic Quotes for Wedding Ceremonies Programs

romantic wedding quote 2

A paper wedding program lets your guests know the order of service and who’s who in the bridal party. Many couples like to include a quote or two in the program that succinctly and romantically sums up how they feel about each other. Here are few ideas for famous romantic quotes for wedding ceremony programs.

1. Aristotle

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with the quote:”Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

2. Joseph Campbell

Mythologist Joseph Campbell summed up the commitment marriage requires and the great love two people can have with this quote: “When you make a sacrifice in marriage, you’re sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship.”

3. Oscar Wilde

Add a bit of wit and charm to your wedding program with a quote for Oscar Wilde, from his play “A Woman of No Importance.” The quote will give your guests some food for thought: “Who, being loved, is poor?”

4. The Princess Bride

A quote from the popular movie A Princess Bride will make hearts flutter during your wedding ceremony. Stick with the simple, but romantic, and choose “As you wish.”

5. Henry Drummond

Scottish theologian and writer Henry Drummond has a quote that accurately sums up what married life should be like: “To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever.”

romantic wedding quote 16. Anna Karenina

In the Russian novel Anna Karenina, land owner Levin feels overjoyed after getting married. Capture his feelings with a quote that describes two people coming together after marriage: “He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.”

7. Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte provides another quote about interconnected souls in her novel Wuthering Heights: “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

8. William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s plays and poems are full of lines that are ripe for printing on wedding programs. Here’s one from 3 Henry VI: “Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.”

9. Anonymous

Share your delight in having found your partner with this quote from an unknown, anonymous source: “The perfect marriage begins when each partner believes they got better than they deserve.”

10. John Berger

Highlight the uniqueness of your relationship with a quote from author John Berger on your program: “All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.”

A well-chosen quote in your wedding program sets the tone and highlights the theme of the ceremony. For more help choosing a wedding program, head to PaperDirect.

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How to Throw a Patriotic “Welcome Home” Party

Patriotic Banners by PaperDirectServing in the military is one of life’s most honorable deeds, and feting returning soldiers is a cherished American tradition. Here are five patriotic party ideas to show love, respect and gratitude to your favorite vet with a “Welcome Home” bash.

1. Pay Tribute

Patriotic Vertical Banners by PaperDirect

Create a display as a testament to your returning soldier, his/her unit and others with whom they served. Include photos, letters, and other memorabilia. Encourage fellow guests to bring photos of themselves in uniform, as well as loved ones who served. Decorate the tablewith American flags and all things red, white and blue. The technologically inclined can also show a slideshow focused on the soldier’s patriotic journey.

2. Game On

While rigorously scheduling the party can detract from casual conversation time, planning a few games can help keep the party moving. Set out a table with cardboard cut-outs of Uncle Sam hats, glitter, pom-poms, streamers and other craft supplies, and encourage guests to decorate their own festive headwear. “Pin the Flag on Uncle Sam” and American trivia are also popular patriotic party games. And who doesn’t love a parade? Provide toy instruments, music and flags for children to to honor your favorite vet with a parade of their very own.

3. Festive Favorites

Camouflage Vertical Banners by PaperDirect

Most soldiers report missing out on the special touches of home while serving overseas.Prepare all of your honoree’s favorite foods for an unforgettable meal. An alternate approach? Serve an all-American barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie.

4. Say Thanks

No matter how many times you say, “thank you,” it’s never enough; but that doesn’t mean you stop trying! Give your guests the chance to collectively express their gratitude by offering an entry book or sign-in board where they can extend best wishes to the guest of honor. A personalized Welcome Home banner helps deliver the message in a high-impact way.

5. Capture the Moment

Don’t miss out on the chance to memorialize this special moment with so many friends and family members gathered in one place. Hire a professional photographer to capture all of the homecoming’s special moments. For a less formal take Freedom Casual Invitations by PaperDirecton this concept and one of our favorite patriotic party ideas, consider renting a photo booth. Stock up on patriotic props and costumes and let guests make their own creative photo ops which can be placed into a keepsake album for the guest of honor.

Welcoming home a vet is one of life’s biggest moments, and deserves an invitation which fully expresses the magnitude of the occasion. For an extra-special touch, enclose confetti or a small American flag within each invitation.

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How to Improve Employee Turnover Rates

Festive Star Casual CertificatesA high employee turnover hurts your company’s bottom line. It’s also not great for morale, as employees seem to come and go, and staff members aren’t able to form strong working relationships. Keeping your employees happy is a key part of lowering your turnover rate. If you aren’t sure how to improve employee turnover, try implementing one or more of these ideas to make your workplace a desirable place to be.

Hire with Care

Stardust Casual CertificatesOne great way to reduce turnover is to hire the right person for the job. Being right for a position means not only having the ability to perform the job, but also to get along with people in the office. When you interview candidates, get a feel for their personalities. You might also want to find out why they want the job. You want an employee who really wants the job, not someone who’ll take the position only until something better comes along.

Recognize Employees

Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work. Make your employees feel like they are part of the team by regularly offering awards certificates and recognition to the hardest workers. Consider starting an employee of the month program, which recognizes a person who has gone above and beyond.

Make Sure Pay is Right

Pay is a big issues for both employees and employers. People are likely to jump ship if their pay isn’t in line with their position or if they haven’t received a raise in a long while. Do some research to find out if what you’re offering employees is in line with similar positions at other companies.

You might also want to consider boosting benefits to convince people to stay. For example, you can begin to offer flexible work schedules to staff or offer bonuses for employees who perform especially well over the quarter or year.

Remember That Your Employees are People

Gold Balloons Casual Certificates by PaperDirectAlong with being paid fairly and receiving recognition for their efforts, most employees want to be treated like human beings. You’ll reduce turnover if you remember that sometimes your workers need a day off or that sometimes a team member will have to work from home as he or she cares for a sick child or spouse.

When thinking of ways to lower your company’s turnover rate, think of the things you’d want from an employer. Odds are likely that the things you’d hope for in a job are similar to the very things your team members want.

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Tips for Designing a Promotional Flyer

Color Bazaar Border Paper by PaperDirectPromotional flyers remain an effective way to draw other companies and businesses to your own. You can master the art of designing a promotional flyer by focusing on several key elements that can really make your flyer stand out. Some Tips:

Eye-Catching Images

The imagery is typically the first thing that draws people to your flyer, so select with care. Go for high-quality digital photos or a decorative border paper that matches your message. A single larger image has a bigger impact than several smaller images.

Keep your strongest image on the top half of the flyer and, if you do opt to use several smaller images, try grouping them together. Decorative border paper may provide all the imagery you need on its own without the need for additional photos or illustrations.

Reader-Friendly FontRiding High Border Papers by PaperDirect

Just like you can confuse readers with too many images, you can do the same with too many font styles. Stick to one or two different font styles, such as Arial or Times New Roman. Bold the headline and feel free to use variations of your chosen style to further emphasize specific text. If you’re using Arial, for instance, choices include Arial Narrow or Arial Black.

Quality Stock

High-quality stock is a must for promotional flyers to convey your company’s professionalism and high-quality products or services. This is not the place to skimp. Stock thickness should be at least 28 lbs. with a glossy or super glossy sheen.

Motivating Message

If imagery is king for drawing readers to your flyer, your headline reigns as queen. Make it enticing enough for businesses to want to pick up your flyer and learn more. The rest of your message will work best if it’s persuasive, personable and written in the second person “you.”

Childs Play Border Papers by PaperDirectOne of the jobs of your flyer is to relay information. The other is to motivate readers into action. Do this with a clear call to action (CTA) that tells them what to do.

  • Visit our website
  • Sign up for our seminar
  • Schedule an appointment today

You can add another layer of motivation to your CTA if you offer readers an incentive that makes it more likely they’ll respond. Try including a coupon code or special offer they can redeem once they visit your website, sign up for your seminar, schedule an appointment or otherwise take your suggested action.

Need inspiration? Browse custom flyer options and other paper products at PaperDirect.com.

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Why Business Cards Are Still Important

Endeavor Business Cards by PaperDirectIn the digital era that focuses on all things paperless, it might seem like the traditional business card is irrelevant, however it couldn’t be further from the truth.  While the use for the business cards may have changed in recent decades, it’s still an important tool for any business person to have in their arsenal. There are many reasons why business cards are important, and professionals will continue to find them useful in the coming years.

Why Business Cards are Important

  • Business cards make it quick and easy to communicate with new clients. Business cards include a lot of important contact information — and it can be cumbersome to verbalize a business phone number, mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Business cards are the quickest and most efficient way to provide vital information to another business person.Apex Business Cards by PaperDirect
  • Business cards are a visual representation of your brand and allow you to make a strong first impression with another professional. A logo, photograph or keyword can be used on your business card in order to make a statement about your business, your career and your professional goals.
  • Business cards add legitimacy to your position and to your business. If you do not have a business card, another client might think that you don’t take yourself, your position or your company seriously.
  • Business cards are still an accepted and expected part of the 21st century business world. Whether you are going to an out-of-town conference, a networking event or a business lunch with new clients, you will be expected to have business cards on hand to distribute. It may seem outdated and antiquated, but the business card is still important.

Most professionals in the business world come equipped with digital tools, apps and products that simplify their lives. However, while a smartphone is handy and can be loaded up with hundreds of apps that improve efficiency and productivity, it’s simply not Equilibrium Business Cards by PaperDirectas powerful as a small business card tucked into a person’s pocket.

Business owners and managers should still make business cards a priority, and create them for each employee who works for them. Young entrepreneurs should be encouraged to design cards that showcase their personality, their passion and their drive. The business card is and will remain an important part of professional life in the 21st century. To see dozens of business card designs and options, visit PaperDirect today.

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15 Creative Perks to Keep Employees Happy

Sometimes small businesses need more than just competitive compensation to keep employees happy. If you’re looking for some creative perks, consider one or more of the following. They will certainly keep employees working hard!

Creative Perks:

keep employees happy

Bring Your Dog to Work day.

It’s all in the name. Dogs have been known to calm the stressed while boosting moods. Plus, many people dislike leaving their dogs alone all day. Have a weekly or monthly day where dogs are welcome in the office.

Weekly Breakfasts.

How often do your employees show up late because they’ve been waiting at the drive thru? Supply breakfast every once in a while- your employees will show up on time, focused and ready to work.

Summer Hours.

There are many ways to offer summer hours. You could give employees Friday flex schedules; offer extra summer vacation days, shorter work hours, or anything else. Since summer is such a popular time for travel, parties and family gatherings, your employees will definitely appreciate this!

Surprise! You’re off.

Plan a secret day off- announced the day before.

Fun and Games.

Bring a ping pong table or other game into the office. Have a Wednesday playing session or allow employees to use it every time they finish a project.

Happy Hour.

Hosting a happy hour is an easy one. Whether you decide to sponsor it or not, employees enjoy creating relationships outside of work.

Casual dress code.

Employees appreciate having a casual workplace. Whether its one day or all week, consider this simple perk!

Fantasy Football, March Madness, Etc.

Have a little office competition by supporting efforts to organize a league or team.

Office Gym/ Discounted Membership.

If you don’t have an office gym, consider paying for a portion of your employee’s gym memberships. It has been proven that healthy employees are happier and produce better work.

Fitness Incentives.

If gym memberships aren’t in your budget, offer fitness incentives to your employees. This can look something like “The Office” weight loss competition or giving one extra personal day to every employee that has a membership on their own.

Birthday Off.

Happy Birthday! When it’s your employee’s birthday, they get a holiday!

Free Spotify/ Rdio account

If your employees are working at their computers and listening to music, offer to pay for their Spotify or other music accounts. Most of these services run about $10/ month and help your workers get in the groove.

Summer sports tournament.

Get together once a week after work and play kickball, softball or volleyball.

Monthly raffles

Give away simple prizes like baseball tickets, business SWAG or Starbucks gift cards.

Applause award

Stacked Stars Certificates by PaperDirectEvery month, recognize a hardworking employee by honoring them in front of the company. Hand them an award certificate and see them glow.

Hopefully one of these creative perks sparks some action. Keeping your employees happy and fulfilled is important and can reduce turnover while improving company reputation. For more ideas on employee recognition, visit PaperDirect.

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How to Make Your Own Foil Business Cards

Lear how to make foil business cards with PaperDirect’s easy system! We’ll show you how to do it in 3 simple steps and under 15 minutes.

We will be demonstrating the process using the elegant White Stock Foil Business Cards. These cards are 2” x 3.5” size and are printed on 80 lb standard stock. These are one-sided business cards.

Once you arrive at the product page, you’ll need to select the number of business cards you’d like. We offer 100 to 3,000 box sets to fit any size of business.

foil business cards step one

Once you select your number of cards, simply click “Customize” and you’ll be taken to the customization screen.

Here you have quite a few options. You can choose to keep the default fields or add or delete certain lines. You can also format each line with different fonts, colors and alignments. For best results, use font size 10 or higher.  See what we created in a few minutes:

foil business cards step two

Next, you can add your business logo. For the foil cards, it is best to have a silhouette shape, as those remain cleanest.

foil business cards step three

Simply click “insert image,” crop and resize if needed.

foil business cards step four

Once your design is to your liking, simply click “NEXT” and you’ll be taken to a final preview. Once you okay the design and place your order, your business cards will be shipped within a few days! All PaperDirect business cards are professionally printed, cut and boxed so you’ll get the highest quality. Shop now! 

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Five High School Graduation Party Ideas


This year’s high school seniors are getting ready to toss their caps in the air and face the future. Fete your favorite grad with one of these five festive ideas which will take your graduation party from average to unforgettable.

Memory Lane

Your grad has celebrated many amazing moments during the past 18 years. Acknowledgeevery accomplishment by compiling a collection of photos, awards, artwork and other mementos into a scrapbook. Reserve a few pages at the end for party guests to leave congratulatory notes, good luck tidings and other words of wisdom. Display the final product at the party, and hand it off to your grad as a one-of-a-kind gift afterwards.

A Look Ahead

Festive Graduation Vinyl Banners by PaperDirect


Many exciting adventures await. Help your grad prepare for the journeys ahead by encouraging guests to bring travel-themed presents — from luggage tags to a camera to a journal. Foreign currency or a travel guide is a thoughtful parting gift if your grad is packing for a particular destination.

Show Your Spirit

Whether your grad is heading off college, enlisting in the military, entering the workforce, or pursuing another path, show your enthusiasm for what’s coming next with themed decorations. For example, bulldogs and Yale blue are the perfect colors for the Ivy League-bound scholar, while a jungle theme is suitable for a future philanthropist headed off for the Peace Corps in the Amazon. A customized banner in coordinating colors is the perfect finishing touch.

Picture Perfect

Portable photo booths are the hottest trend on the party scene, and with good reason: guests love socializing with each other while taking themed photos. Stock up on costumes and props which reflect your grad’s past, present, and future, and let friends and family members create fun new memories of their own.

Rayon Tassels by PaperDirectInside the Box

Perhaps nothing signifies graduation as much as the iconic cap and tassel. Think inside the box by incorporating these signature items into your decorations: use hatboxes for centerpieces or for collecting gifts and cards from loved ones. Tassels, meanwhile, are perfect for weighting tablecloths and as clever napkin rings.

And remember, the right invitation sets the tone for your whole celebration. Be sure to visit Paper Direct for more creative high school graduation party ideas as well as the supplies you need to send off your grad in style.

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2014?

direct mail 2014While the world’s fascination with digital everything may seem to be making direct mail obsolete, don’t toll the bell for direct mail just yet. True, social media marketing, email campaigns and other forms of digital communication have seen a rise in popularity, but they are not necessarily the most effective way to make your company memorable.

Direct mail is still alive and heartily kicking, according to a number of industry statistics and facts that bring an affirmative response to the question: “Does direct mail still work in 2014?”

It leaves a more profound impression.

Summer Starfish Border Papers by PaperDirectA survey by the global research firm Millward Brown revealed direct mail outdid digital by leaving a “deeper footprint” on the brain. This may be due to the tangible nature of direct mail, giving people the opportunity to touch it, feel it and establish a deeper emotional connection.

The digital world swirls at a rapid rate, with one message quickly replaced by the next. Not only is direct mail more memorable, but a custom flyer or mailer can prove much more attractive on the corporate bulletin board than a flimsy email printout.

It nets a higher ROI.

A survey by Target Marketing magazine found direct mail resulted in high ROI scores for both B2C and B2C marketers. While Forbes reports the results may be a bit skewed due to the continued confusion on how to accurately measure digital campaign ROI, it also reports B2B marketers ranked direct mail as the overall winning method for customer contact and retention.

You can be more creative.

Aquamarine Postcards by PaperDirectEmail and other digital marketing techniques are limited to what translates well onto a two-dimensional computer screen. Direct mailing has absolutely no limits. A few of the more creative direct mail campaigns featured on SlideShare included:

  • A World Water Day promotional postcard that could only be read if you placed the card under running water
  • A luxury vacation mailer that opened to expose a three-dimensional, pop-up cutout of the hotel and its grounds
  • A “survival guide” mailer printed on edible paper with edible ink

Direct mailers let you indulge in as much as fun and creativity as you like, even if your mailer doesn’t happen to double as a snack. Check out more creative options for your next B2B direct mail campaign or other paper product needs at PaperDirect.

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