10 More Office White Elephant Gifts

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Okay, let’s face it. Most people dread the office white elephant gift exchange because it’s so difficult to come up with something funny and appropriate. Then there’s the holy grail of office white elephant gifts—ones that are fun and appropriate AND something people will actually kind of (in secret anyway) like. We listed a few ideas last year which still…

Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Successful White Elephant Bash

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If there is anything more fun than the White Elephant Party in encouraging a hilariously good time, we do not know of it. The wacky tradition encourages the exchange of small, often useless, always creative, and completely funny gifts among friends. But even “almost anything goes” parties need a few guidelines, so here is the ultimate guide on throwing a…

Christmas Recognition Tip #4 – Gifts

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Tip #4 Christmas Recognition

Thank your employees for their hard work all year long. Whether you gift them a monetary bonus on their paychecks, hand each person a wrapped gift at a holiday party or tuck gift cards in personalized letters sent to each person’s home — they will appreciate it! Make a Gift List Start thinking of gift ideas now. Everyone should receive…

Meaningful Gift Idea: Personalized Stationary

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Sometimes, you need to a give a gift, but aren’t quite sure what to give. When a professional occasion calls for a gift, it’s hard to go wrong with personalized stationary. A personalized notepad or greeting card set is appropriate for the office and it shows the person you put some thought into it. Types of Stationery: Pick stationery so…

5 Gift Ideas for Office Secret Santa

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An office-wide Secret Santa or gift exchange brings the joy of the holidays to your business. But, figuring out what gift to give can be tricky for employees, especially if they pick the name of someone from another department or someone they don’t know well. Help your employees find the perfect present with these gift ideas for office Secret Santa….

Funny (but Appropriate) White Elephant Gift Ideas

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Spice up any office Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange where each employee brings a creative or funny gift to play a ridiculous swapping and stealing game. The success of the event depends largely on whether people manage to find the balance of gifts that are funny, yet still appropriate for the setting. Try some of these funny…

The Rules of White Elephant Gifting in the Office

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Sick of the usual gift card exchange? It’s time to insert a little creativity into your tired office party — what better way to accomplish just that than with a white elephant party? In a white elephant gift exchange, participants find the goofiest, most ridiculous presents possible and then exchange them with one another. A white elephant exchange can be…

Celebrate Winter with the Sunniest Employee of the Year Award

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At many companies, the end of the year means it’s time for Employee of the Year awards. If your business decides to give out awards, it’s important to make them meaningful and to actually recognize the efforts and contributions of your staff over the past year. Only give awards to employees who really deserve them. Categories Pick a few categories…

8 Memorable Client Christmas Gift Ideas: Beyond Fruitcake

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Christmas is a wonderful time, but it can bring a bit of stress with it as you look for just the right client Christmas gift ideas to say “thank you” to your loyal clients. When it’s done right, your clients will remember you throughout the new year. 8 Client Christmas Gift Ideas: Fresh Fruit Box: Don’t just give your clients…