Planning the Paper Anniversary – Tips for the First Year Party

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Many married couples say their first anniversary (symbolized by paper) is the most exciting and most memorable. A first wedding anniversary is a great time to plan a celebration that gives the newlyweds many heartfelt memories for years to come. Paper Anniversary wedding parties are usually casual and inexpensive; after all, you have to save up for when you make it to your silver and gold anniversaries!

Paper Anniversary Party Tips

If you are hosting your own paper anniversary party or are hosting for a friend or family member, here are some tips to help make your paper anniversary party a huge success:

  • After deciding on your guest list, order your anniversary invitations from PaperDirect way ahead of the date of the party, so you have plenty of time to get them organized, addressed and mailed out. For a special added touch, include a wedding photo or a fun photo from your honeymoon or any experience in your first year (maybe a picture of your child or children?). In the invitation, include all the pertinent information the guests will need: reason for the event, location, time, attire (if it’s even necessary to mention this), and remind guests that the theme is “paper anniversary.” Include information in the invitation such as whether or not children and/or pets are welcome, if no alcohol will be served may guests bring their own and items of that nature.
  • If the party is outdoors, be sure the area is clean and safe; if there is a pool present, hire a trained lifeguard to protect your guests. While parents should always watch their children while at a pool party, you need a trained professional on hand because parents will look away, and tragic accidents can happen in a split second. If there is a pool that is off limits, be sure a gate or barrier of some sort surrounds the pool and that there is no way a child could get close enough to the pool to fall in.
  • Help your guests by including fun and inexpensive gift ideas related to paper such as paper products for house (e.g. paper towels, paper napkins, toilet tissue, paper plates and other practical gifts any new couple could certainly use).
  • Choose festive decorations that match the theme of the party if you have a theme in addition to the obvious “paper anniversary” theme. So, if you’re doing a Mardi Gras theme, order decorations from PaperDirect that will make your theme obvious to the guests. PaperDirect has a huge selection of vinyl party banners to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find all the decorations you need at the best one-stop online shopping source for event planning and hosting–
  • Plan the menu and beverages. Are you going to have it catered? Are you going to cook the food yourself or have friends and family help? As you plan your menu, consider food safety and how long certain foods can sit out in the sun (such as mayonnaise-based salads and desserts with cream/milk in them). Be sure to have enough food and be sensitive to food allergies your guests may have. Many people do not eat meat, foods with gluten or shellfish (due to allergies), so in the invitation, you can include a note asking your guests to please let you know about special food requests they have. Strategically place plenty of trash bins around the party venue, so your guests are not stuck holding dirty plates, cups and napkins.
  • Make sure restrooms are available, clean and well stocked.
  • If alcohol is served, be sure no one drives home after drinking. Either provide transportation via cab or sober driver or insist the intoxicated guest spend the night at your home or nearby hotel. You can be held legally responsible if someone is injured or killed in a car accident after drinking at your home.

If you are throwing a party, any type of party, PaperDirect not only has a lot of the supplies you’ll need, but the blog includes an entire section devoted strictly to all types of event planning. Here are just a few PaperDirect blogs that offer tips on throwing a really great party!