10 Golf Tournament Prize Ideas That are a Hole in One

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Golf Prizes

Hosting a golf tournament is an excellent method for raising awareness, connecting with the community, and reaching fundraising goals. However, the devil is in the details, and one major detail to figure out is prizes to give away at the end of the tournament. Not to fret though, because these 10 golf tournament prize ideas are a hole in one…ba…

How to Promote a Charity Golf Tournament on a Budget

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There’s no doubt nonprofit organizations must undergo quite a bit of work to organize a successful golf tournament, however the results can be tremendous, especially when the event is properly promoted. Promoting a charity golf tournament can be an expensive task. Advertising and marketing efforts can quickly dry up the funds a foundation has available. These tips can help a nonprofit…

5 Ways to Promote your Golf Course in the Scorching Summer

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“I play in the low 80s. If it’s any hotter than that, I won’t play.”   For golf course owners and managers, this sentiment is all too familiar during the scorching months of the summer. However, these five ways to promote your golf course during the hottest season of the year will help you entice golfers to hit the links….

How to Get More Sponsors for Your Charity Golf Tournament

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Golf Sponsors

In a Constant Contact blog post from 2012, author Ryan Mahoney states that sponsors “are one of the foundational elements of your event because they add things that can draw people.” We agree. If you’re planning a charity gold tournament, you need sponsors to give their support. Rather than scratching your head wondering how to get sponsors for a golf tournament,…

Team Building: How to Throw a Mini Golf Masters Tournament

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Chip Shot Golf Invitations by PaperDirect

You probably don’t have any professional golfers at your workplace, but you may have some aspiring ones. Even people who don’t know a thing about golf can get into mini golf, so put together a fun team building activity with a mini golf masters tournament. You’ll need to think about several aspects in order to throw a mini golf tournament…

8 Fun Game Ideas for Company Picnics

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Watermelon Party Border Paper by PaperDirect

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about enjoying it with a company picnic! Create your own invitations on festive border paper and get your employees, and perhaps their family members, together for a fun afternoon outdoors. Help keep the party enjoyable with these fun game ideas for company picnic days. Game Ideas: 1. Sack race: This…

An Insider’s Guide to Hosting a Golf Tournament

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So you want to host a golf tournament? Be warned – it takes a lot of planning. But if you do it the right way, golf tournaments can net you a lot of money – which is why they make such great fundraisers. But we repeat, it’s all about preparing for the tournament that dictates whether or not it will…

5 Tips for Organizing a Company Golf Scramble

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Organizing a company golf scramble is one way to build stronger teams on the job and off-the-clock. While some company organizers work with the local golf club planner to develop a charity event or semiannual outing, there is nothing wrong with in-house planning to save some money. Make it more fun by tailoring the event to fit your group! One…

Time to Golf! Hosting a Tournament is Easy

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A golf tournament is one of the best ways to get the community involved and for golf enthusiasts to show off their golfing techniques. With the summer sun, clear blue skies and manicured greens beckoning, this is the perfect time for hosting a golf tournament. Putting together a golfing event is a piece of cake especially if you use the…