10 Funny Christmas Card Messages That Win Friends and New Business

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The holidays are a time of year for connecting with those we care about, and this includes your clients. Without clients, your business wouldn’t exist, and the holidays are a splendid time of year to take the time to celebrate them and show your appreciation.

If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter, traditional Christmas card message, try breaking from the norm; get a little edgy and add some humor to your business Christmas card.

10 Funny Christmas Card Messages:

1. Holiday shopping tip: Siri is not a reliable source for asking what to get co-workers for Christmas.

2. A little known fact about holiday fruitcakes: there are actually only five in existence, and people just keep re-gifting them to each other.

3. The holidays are all about balance: have fun at your company’s holiday party this year, but not SO much fun that you’re seeking new employment the next day.

4. We wish you a very healthy Christmas free from Ebola and overindulgence in Eggnog.

5. Holiday tip: As a courtesy to the U.S. Post Office, mail your packages early this year; they’ll appreciate the extra time to lose them for you by for Christmas! 😉

6. What do you think kids would do if Santa brought them sets of batteries for Christmas labeled: ‘toys not included’?

7. Is it us, or does Christmas seem more and more like a Disney production each year?

8. So Santa never shaves, flies around late at night, enters homes without permission, gives presents but has no clear source of income… should we really be letting this guy in our homes?

9. Question: What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus?

Answer: CLAUS-trophobic!

10. Pretending to believe in the Mayan apocalypse might have worked in [year] as anexcuse not to buy Christmas presents… this year, we have you covered! Shop our Holiday gift baskets and discounted gift certificates.

The Christmas season is all about spreading Holiday cheer, and what better way to do so than with funny Christmas card messages? Break the mold of the traditional Christmas card message this year and add some humor to your business Christmas card. Feel free to riff off of one of these ten funny Christmas card messages, or create an original one that’s customized to your company and brand.