How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

teacher appreciation

This spring, educators around the country will be the center of attention during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6. Not sure how to get your school or learning center ready for this celebration? We do! It’s all about spoiling, thanking and honoring the men and women who work day in and day out to make sure our children have every opportunity…

How to Recognize Your Administrative Professionals on April 27th

Employee Recognition Ideas

administrative professionals day

While management might be the head honchos in your office, it is the administrative professionals who make a lot happen. From answering phones to helping with projects, administrative professionals are the glue that keeps a business together when there’s deadlines, issues, and busy days. Beginning in 1953, office staff have dedicated time during the end of April to recognizing the…

Dean’s List Certificate Templates & Wording

Student Recognition Ideas

Dean's List Certs

While most folks wouldn’t want to brag about being on a hit list or blacklist, making the dean’s list is a stellar achievement indeed. Bragging rights are definitely included with the honor, which means universities need to provide certificates that are worthy of being shown, hung and, perhaps most importantly, posted on Facebook or Instagram. A brag-worthy dean’s list certificate…

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Day! Here’s How to Honor Your Volunteers

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volunteer hours

Okay, so it’s not Volunteer Appreciation Day just yet, but it’s coming! The official day in 2016 is April 20, which leaves you plenty of time to honor your rockstars. The National Conference on Citizenship estimated that in 2012, 64.3 million Americans volunteered 7.9 billion hours of their time to nonprofit organizations! Without the efforts of these generous individuals, many…

Why Your Small Business Should Give Back to The Community

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Giving back to the community

A small business can measure its success by profits and the bottom line but as author Victor Hugo wrote, “As the purse is emptied the heart is filled.” Besides the obvious good feeling that helping a nonprofit organization creates, there are several other reasons why your small business should give back to the community, too! Publicity Is your small business…

How to Inspire a More Healthy Office

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Healthy Office

Ensuring your office is packed with plenty of plants and tons of natural light is a good start for a healthy environment, but it won’t do much for employees if they’re simply slouching around in their chairs admiring all the plants and sunlight. The trick is to get individuals off their duffs and into action that can result in an…

5 Office Exercise Challenges Just in Time for Spring!

Employee Recognition Ideas

office exercise

Whipping your employees into improved physical shape doesn’t have to involve a whip at all. In fact, a few fun office exercise challenges can be engaging enough that the spirit of competition and an awesome certificate of achievement will do. The key is to ensure you keep the office exercise challenges easy to track, amusing to complete and at a level…

How to Improve Employee Productivity

Employee Recognition Ideas

employee productivity

What used to motivate employees thirty years ago, isn’t as enticing today. When you’re working with a staff of Millennials fresh out of college, you need to appeal to their desires to improve employee productivity. Canned ham gifts are out. Flex work days are in. Offer immediate gratification incentives. When you see an employee going above and beyond, reward him…

How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day [March 4th!]

Employee Recognition Ideas

many thanks

They are the backbone of your business and work together to reach company goals day in and day out. So on Friday, March 4, celebrate your employees. Each year employers across the country take time out of the first Friday in March to honor a job well done on National Employee Appreciation Day. Relax the Schedule Start the day off…

Certificate of Completion Wording

How to Design Certificates

completion wording

Whether your students successfully finished your dog grooming course or your employees completed a four-day team-building seminar, certificates of completion can put the crowning glory on their achievements. What you write on the certificate, however, can mean the difference between one that gets hung on the wall and one that ends up tucked in that notorious circular file otherwise known as…