How to Combat In-Office Stress Over the Holiday Season

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holiday stress

While the holiday season brings warm greetings, delicious treats, and extra time with your loved ones, stress is also a major component of this special time of year. Even when you’re in the office, holiday stress can still creep up on you and make your workdays more aggravating, tense, and challenging than normal. Use these six tips to combat in-office…

How to Make Mass Mailing More Fun for Your Team

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With the holiday season and New Years approaching, your business most likely has plans to market directly to clients using a variety of channels: e-mail, flyers, blogs, posters, social media, and mail. While digital marketing methods do not require the hands-on labor that traditional methods demand, a sizeable mass mailing project is probably the most time-consuming and dull task of…

2015-Inspired Award Ideas for End of the Year Recognition

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The year is rapidly dwindling to an end, which means it’s time to recognize your company’s employees with awards. Rather than giving out the standard Hardest Worker or Most Dedicated titles, have fun with your staff recognition awards this year. End 2015 on a high with these award ideas for end of the year recognition. Swifty Swift Award For that…

Why You Shouldn’t Recognize Every Employee This Year

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Rest assured, it is okay to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your employees. Contrary to what soft management books and modern youth sports would have you believe, indiscriminate recognition does not build morale or a community of trust. On the contrary, it shows your employees that their contributions and hard work are dismissed and undervalued….

10 Award Ideas That Fellow Employees Can Vote On

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Award Ideas to Vote On

Spice up your company holiday party. This year channel your inner high school yearbook editor, and hand out some novelty awards at the gathering. Who’s most admired in the office? Who’s destined to win an Emmy or Grammy some day? Let your employees decide! Here are 10 award ideas to vote on before your party! Most Admired in the Office…

Why Co-worker Relationships are Crucial to a Happy Workforce

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Jumping Happiness

Work is one thing, play is another. You punch in, go to work, speak when you’re spoken to, take whatever’s dished out, clock out, and finally start your personal life. That’s what got our parents and grandparents through their careers- deep, impersonal grit. That’s the way, right? Well… no. Over the last two decades, there’s been a steady stockpile of…

Creative Ways to Recognize Employees at the Christmas Party

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Tis this season to be merry, and what could be merrier than recognizing your team’s hard work throughout the year? Christmas parties and employee achievements should go hand in glove. The dilemma is how to recognize them with freshness and panache. With the right printable gift certificates and awards plus a handful of fun ideas, you can put together a…

12 Employee Award Ideas Inspired by Christmas

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12 Employee Award Ideas Inspired by

Hear that? Sleigh bells ringing in the lane as Christmas rapidly approaches? Before you know it, the weather forecast will be cold and snowy and it’ll be time to celebrate the holidays with your employees. When hosting a holiday event in your office, these 12 Christmas employee award ideas are fun ways to recognize your staff before the year’s end….

5 Ideas for Recognizing Reps During Customer Service Week

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“The single most important thing is to make people happy,” founder of CD Baby, Derek Sivers, once said. “If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.” If the customer is the most important aspect of your business, the second-most important is your company’s customer service staff….

6 Ways to Motivate & Recognize Your Volunteers

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American author Cynthia Ozick once said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” Across the nation and around the world, volunteers make the important work of nonprofit organizations possible. However, these generous heroes often go unsung.   Nonprofits can use these six ways to recognize volunteers for all of their donated hours and meaningful…