Why You Need a Recognition Program

Employee Recognition Ideas

If you’re reading this article, odds are you’ve spent quite a bit of time being employed by one company or another, working for other people and in different environments. If you stop and think about which environments were the best to work in, you’ll probably realize that somewhere along the line, the company used bonuses and awards to encourage their employees to perform better and to be more productive while the less favorable environments probably didn’t have any programs in place. Employee recognition is important in the workplace on multiple levels, and having a good employee recognition program makes for a better working environment.

If you ask most people why they go to work, the most common answer is “So I can get a paycheck.” While this is undoubtedly true, there are some employees that really do enjoy their work and go to work because they do love their job. These are the ones that are usually the best at whatever task they’re being paid to do, and those are the ones you want to keep because they are the most productive and capable on your staff. Letting them know their efforts are appreciated and that the employer sees what they’re doing encourages them to do even better and gives them incentive to remain loyal to the company.

Employee recognition doesn’t have to be an expensive, drawn out process. Most of the truly effective ways to recognize good employees, and to show others within the company they are being recognized usually doesn’t cost anything, or costs very little. From a certificate handed out during a banquet dinner to a special parking slot for a month or quarter, or even bonuses handed out lets all the employees know that this person is being recognized and that they could be the next one to get similar recognition as well.

While having a recognition program seems like it would be a hassle and an unnecessary expense, your employees will tell you that being recognized for their efforts spurs them on to work even harder and to be more productive. A few dollars spent on a gift card or a bonus will re-earn itself many times over with employees who feel they are appreciated and are recognized in front of their peers as good employees.