10 Websites That Have All the Answers

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While that question is totally dependent on what your interests are, and there could actually be hundreds of websites that have a lot of answers to your questions, there are 10 websites that will almost always give you every answer you need.

1)      Actually, this is the “big three” Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing. Between these three search engines, you can begin your research to track down the answers to the questions you’re asking. While they rarely give you the exact answer you’re looking for (unless it’s a math problem or some other direct resultant), those are usually the best places to start.

2)      Wikipedia – Usually the first link after the paid sponsor links to show up on a search engine. Doing a fact-based search generally gives you this site to work with.

3)      IMDB – When doing a search for movies, TV shows and actors/actresses, the International Movie Database has what you need.

4)      YouTube – When looking for a video clip or music clip, YouTube is far and away the most comprehensive collection of available clips in the world.

5)      Pandora – When it comes to finding the answers to what the best online music source is, Pandora is it.

6)      iStockPhoto – When it comes to “where can I find a picture of – “ then iStockPhoto will have it.

7)      WebMD – When it comes to medical questions, there’s no source of information that is as comprehensive as this one.

8)      MapQuest – The best map site on the ‘net for directions, places and other information about how to get from point A to point B.

9)      411 – The most comprehensive free lookup site for telephone and addresses for people and businesses.

10)   Craig’s List – The only classifieds site on the internet where you can find anything. Granted, eBay is good, but Craig’s List is a step beyond.

While this list could be argued endlessly as to which one may be better than the other, and you may have sites you find a lot more useful than these, the sites above definitely give you coverage for just about any answer you could possibly be looking for. Why not create your own list of sites that you find the most useful and see how many match this list?