Raise the Bar: Don’t Accept Poor Employee Performance

Employee Recognition Ideas

Charisma Green NotecardsEach day, when employees come to work, they’ve got choices to make. Most of the time those choices involve doing a good job, getting tasks accomplished and in general being an asset to the company. However, there are times when employees may not feel quite as “plugged in” to the company and its goals. That means their performance may not be quite as positive as the company would like. Finding ways to bring employee performance back to the standards that are expected is essential.

When employee performance slips, many companies would have a tendency to use thePuzzle Pieces Casual Certificates stick part of the carrot and stick approach. Reprimanding employees, putting black marks on their performance analysis and even threats of firing aren’t unusual. However, using the carrot part of the carrot and stick method may actually be more beneficial. Employees that may not be hitting the mark may be more interested in an uplifting pat on the back more than they would a reprimand.

That’s where using tools like employee recognition to boost morale and pick up spirits can make a huge difference. Using award certificates to give recognition for meeting and exceeding quotas or completing large jobs shows employees they’re appreciated. Reaching out with thank you cards and notes in their paychecks that express that appreciation go a long way towards boosting morale as well. Even having perks like a preferred parking slot as a reward for a job well done or as the “Employee of the Month”

Water Drop CertificateRewarding employees with appreciation and recognition means a lot to employees. That shows them that the company is paying attention to them as a person instead of just another employee. Not only that, but when an employee is singled out for recognition, not only does it boost their morale, but other employees see the recognition and realize that they too are being looked at as people. This encourages them to become more productive and better at their jobs as well, perhaps in hopes of being the one being recognized with a certificate or in the newsletter next time.