Website Promotion–Online Marketing Ideas

Online Marketing Ideas

There are hundreds of thousands of articles on the Web about how to market your website. After all, what better place to learn online marketing ideas than online? When people search for your particular type of business, a high ranking means your business will appear on page 1 of Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine deems it worthy of a high ranking. Here are some ideas to promote your website and get higher search engine rankings:

  1. Create a keyword-rich title with few, if any, filler words like “a,” “an,” “and,” & “the.” Page titles should be 3-8 words in length. Keep in mind what you think people will search for when looking for what your company provides. If you make tennis racquets and your company name is Evans Tennis and Golf, then your page title must have “tennis racquets” in it. “Evans Tennis and Golf” would not benefit you as a page title because only people who already know of your business will search that exact keyword phrase.
  2. Write a meta description of approximately 155 characters. Anything longer will be cut off with ellipses (…). Search engines usually include the meta description below your hyperlinked title in search results. The meta description is a sentence or two describing the content of the web page, using keywords and key phrases from this page. Don’t include keywords in the meta description that do not appear on the web page. You can look online for sites that teach you how to write a mete description.
  3. Include keywords in headings (headers H1, H2, H3) as search engines consider keywords that appear in headers to be important.
  4. Position your keywords early in the page (first paragraph is recommended). You must make sure, however, that the keywords are not forced, and also remember that more is not better. Keyword density must be considered when writing web page content. Recommended keyword density is approximately 1-3%.
  5. Use keywords in hyperlinks because when search engines see keywords in hyperlinks, they consider these words especially important.
  6. Create a site map for your website and include links to all the pages on the website. is a free tool to learn how to create and upload a site map to your site.

Here are a few online marketing ideas to get you started. If you’d like to learn more about how to get your website ranked higher on the search engines, check back to the PaperDirect website for more blogs with online marketing ideas.