6 Ways to Use Social Media During the Holidays

Online Marketing Ideas

With October behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. Social media should be a huge part of your online marketing strategy these next couple months. We have discovered a few ways to use social media to shine like the star on top of your tree over the holidays.

  1. Get in the Spirit.  Don’t be afraid to put up posts showing your holiday personality. If you love a certain (appropriate) Christmas song, share it on your Facebook wall or send a tweet out about it. Feel free to do countdown posts to Christmas or share your favorite part about Hanukkah. Give your company a holiday personality and connect with your audience through the joy of the holidays.
  2. Introduce the Team. This is a great opportunity to take pictures around the office of holiday spirit. Bring in Santa hats and take pictures of employees around the office showing their holiday spirit. This gives the company more of a friendly/personable vibe. This gives the impression that your company is more personable and more approachable.
  3. Offer Advice. During the holidays, people struggle with various questions – what to get my husband, what should I make for dessert for Christmas, what is a great holiday tradition to start, etc. Focus on some of these questions and base social media efforts around answering them. This might also be an optimal opportunity to showcase some of your products as “the perfect gift.”
  4. 4.    Ask Questions. This is the perfect time of year for community engagement. There are unlimited questions to ask your audience about the holidays. People love sharing stories about themselves and their experiences. Use this to your advantage by asking questions like, “What was the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?” or “What is Thanksgiving tradition in your family?” You can ask these in the form of status updates on Twitter or turn it into a poll on your Facebook page. These holiday questions are almost endless.
  5. Create Check-In Deals. If you have a brick and mortar store, presenting check-in deals during the holidays is a huge proponent to brand awareness and attraction to your business. On Foursquare, you could present a Black Friday deal that allows a discount to people that check-in to your store. This will bring more foot traffic to you as well as alert the friends of the check-inners that your store has a deal going on.
  6. Offer Social Media Deals. This goes along with check-in deals. If you offer an exclusive deal or discount to your Facebook fans, it will increase traffic across your website and Facebook page. Creating a ‘Facebook Offer’ allows you to put a limit on a number of claims as well as set an expiration date for the online offer. When someone claims your Facebook offer, they will be sent an email with the information and a link to whatever page you are trying to send them to. It’s definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.