Customized Post-it® Notes: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Employee Recognition Ideas

When it comes to customized post-it notes, you can never have too many. Or in some cases, you can never have enough! What can be more fun than having customized Post-it® notes on hand and ready to go for any situation that may come up? Whether you are using them as promotional tools for your business, or just like to have fun Post-it® notes around the house, PaperDirect is sure to help your note stand out from the crowd.

For Business Use

The possibilities are virtually endless; you can choose your own logo and add your company name to a variety of premade templates. Browse by category to see what fun designs fit the theme and needs of your company or organization. Available in different sizes, a pack of customized Post-it® Notes is the perfect “freebie” to hand out to loyal customers. They are more functional and long-lasting than a business card and help keep your business in the forefront of their mind. What better place is there for daily advertisement than on the refrigerator of a potential or returning client?

For Personal Use

Customized Post-it® notes are fun to have around home as well. PaperDirect offers a wide variety of designs to choose from, or you can completely customize your own Post-it® Notes from the ground up. Create memorable “Thank You” Post-it® Notes for a quick and cute way to show your appreciation. Imagine your child’s surprise when he gets a personalized Post-it® Note in his lunch box that says From Mom’s Kitchen. Design sticky notes as a take home party favor from a birthday party, graduation party or other family get together as a unique way to remember the day. Or, create quick and easy “Save the Date” Post-it® Notes to send to friends and relatives announcing your upcoming wedding – what better way to assure they don’t misplace the note than to make it a Post-it® Note?

It simply can’t be easier to design and order your own customized Post-it® Notes than to shop at PaperDirect, and what a fun and versatile product to create!