How to Reduce Employee and Company Stress

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Great Job II Post-it® NotesStress in the workplace causes employee absenteeism, decreased productivity, employee turnover and medical expenses. These expenses and others cost companies $200 billion each year. Your company can learn how to reduce employee stress and improve your bottom line when you implement several tips.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise is proven to reduce obesity, improve immunity and boost moods. Encourage employees to exercise when you :

  • Place treadmills and other gym equipment in unused space
  • Hold walking meetings
  • Sponsor Biggest Loser competitions
  • Send hourly virtual reminders for employees to stand up and take a short walk
  • Offer standing work stations

Encourage Proper Nutrition

Good nutritional habits provide employees with lower blood pressure, greater immunity and improved productivity. Employees who make good eating choices also tend to think more clearly and make better choices in all areas of life. Encourage proper nutrition when you:

  • Remove snack and soda machines
  • Place water coolers at various locations throughout the office
  • Provide a fresh salad and fruit bar in the cafeteria
  • Order in healthy options for breakfast or lunch meetings
  • Discourage working through lunch or eating at the desk

Encourage Praise

Click for Details: Traditional Blue on BlueRegular praise boosts employee morale, increases individual productivity and builds a positive workplace environment for everyone. Offer praise when you:

  • Recognize birthdays and other special occasions with a card and small gift that shows appreciation
  • Start and end all employee reviews with praise
  • Promote an Employee of the Month program
  • Print reward certificates to recognize achievements both at work and in the employees’ personal lives
  • Train managers and team leaders to look for and comment on the positive traits they see in their team members

Encourage a Positive EnvironmentCheckmark Mouse Pad

Positive thinking lowers depression, prolongs life and increases workplace productivity and loyalty. Encourage a positive environment when you:

  • Volunteer in the community or adopt a socially responsible cause as a company
  • Post positive quotes around the office
  • Promote Random Acts of Kindness in and out of the office
  • Thank employees regularly for the small and big things they do
  • Meet once a month or more frequently as a team to play pool, go to the comedy club or participate in a fun team-building exercise

Workplace stress costs your employees and your company. Implement these stress-reducing tips and find more inspiration for awarding, recognizing and rewarding employees at PaperDirect.