Christmas Recognition Tip #4 – Gifts

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Christmas Recognition Gifts

Thank your employees for their hard work all year long. Whether you gift them a monetary bonus on their paychecks, hand each person a wrapped gift at a holiday party or tuck gift cards in personalized letters sent to each person’s home — they will appreciate it!

Make a Gift List

Start thinking of gift ideas now. Everyone should receive the same thing to be fair. Popular employer gifts during the holidays include:

  • Frozen hams for holiday meals
  • Gift cards to popular local retailers
  • Company stock options
  • Fruit baskets
  • Wine/Beer Variety Pack
  • Gifts from a Local Store
  • Gas Cards
  • Personalized Ornament
  • Office Gear Like mouse pads, mugs or pens
  • Sweatshirt or T shirt
  • Other SWAG items

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Keep a Budget in Mind

When brainstorming gift ideas, think of how much you can spend on each person. Don’t forget to include seasonal employees and consultants who help make your business run smoothly. Small businesses might only be able to afford a $25 gift, while larger companies bestow thousands of dollars in goodies to their employees.

No matter your budget, remember: its the thought that counts!

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