The 10 Personality Traits of a Great Boss

Employee Recognition Ideas

Most of us can name one or two bosses we’ve had that we would move mountains for. These people seem to be able to effortlessly juggle the demands of upper management with the needs of their staff.

While some may be born with innate leadership qualities, most of us have to learn how to manage over time.

If you are in a position of authority and strive to be someone others look up to and respect, take a look at the list below to see how you measure up.

Great bosses:

Recognize and leverage employees’ strengths.

strengthIn corporate America, individuals are often pigeon-holed, expected to do the same job and the same level. This results in inefficiency and low morale.

Great bosses are able to determine each person’s strength and put it to use in ways that are good for everyone.

Communicate clearly.

Too many bosses expect their subordinates to be mind-readers, assuming everyone understands what they are to do. This leads to confusion and lowered productivity. True leaders clearly articulate expectations, goals and job duties.

awardReward hard work and initiative.

Great bosses never take it for granted when employees go above and beyond.

They find ways to show their appreciation, from verbal praise to the presentation of formal awards.

Maintain consistency.

Employees should never have to guess what kind of mood their boss will be in on any given day. Nor should they have to worry that the rules will change midstream.

Encourage feedback and suggestions.

Great bosses understand they don’t have all the answers. They value their employees’ insight and contributions, implement the best ideas, and give credit where credit is due.

be-flexibleAre flexible without being pushovers.

Not everything always goes according to plan. Great leaders understand and make accommodations when necessary.

At the same time, they set the bar high for their staff and encourage them to surpass it.

Can admit when they’re wrong.

All humans make mistakes and great bosses understand that it’s okay to admit when they’ve made an error.

timelyPromptly address and resolve conflict.

Discord within a team can erode trust, create tension and reduce productivity.

While some bosses expect their employees to “work it out,” the great ones address and resolve conflict before it has a chance to become destructive.

Stand up for their team.

Those in management have an obligation to hit certain goals and appease higher-ups. To that end, it can be tempting to throw employees under the bus in order to meet those goals. Great bosses recognize when an expectation is unfair to their team and goes to bat for them.

Treat each team member fairly.

True leaders don’t play favorites. They don’t set different rules for different employees or hold them to different standards. Although they may have to be tough sometimes, their employees trust that they are always being treated fairly.

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