Why Co-worker Relationships are Crucial to a Happy Workforce

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Jumping Happiness

Work is one thing, play is another. You punch in, go to work, speak when you’re spoken to, take whatever’s dished out, clock out, and finally start your personal life. That’s what got our parents and grandparents through their careers- deep, impersonal grit. That’s the way, right?

Well… no. Over the last two decades, there’s been a steady stockpile of research that dispels the myth of the stiff upper lip. Scores of studies and articles now show that detached environments are anathema to your company. Consider this a friendly reminder on why office camaraderie and cordial co-workers are vital to the health of your enterprise.


A 2012 Gallup poll revealed an interesting correlation between employee relationships and workplace devotion. Those who worked with a best friend had a significant loyalty spike- a full 50% reported a strong connection with their workplace! Compare this to those who didn’t have a pal to rely on- a mere 10% felt strong affection towards their company.

Can you ensure that every co-worker will be working with their best friend? Certainly not. However, there’s a clear and simple lesson here. Encouraging friendships within the workplace also fosters brand loyalty, and that can only bolster…


Happy Coffee

In his seminal study on workplace satisfaction, The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Leigh Branham takes great pains to deconstruct toxic work environments and rampant office negativity. Not only do these factors fuel over 80% of employee resignations, they also cost your company a fortune. Recruiting, human resources, training, and consumer damage expendatures often cost far more than the salary of a lost employee!

However, there are proportional advantages in the other direction! Compiling more than a decade of polls, Branham found that superb office relations on average carried these benefits:

  • 44% higher profits
  • 76% lower turnover
  • 78% improvement to safety records
  • 86% increase in customer ratings

Take it from an expert- keep your office friendly, transparent, and nurturing. It’s the best thing you can do for your business!

Conflict Resolution

Friends don’t like to fight. And when they do enter into a squabble, you can be sure they’ll pull their punches, hold fewer grudges, and get back to work that much faster. It’s just common sense.

But if you need some numbers to back it up, there’s research to support the folk wisdom. In an exhaustive report compiled by career development firm CPP, the majority of workplace conflicts stem from personality clashes- a whopping 49% of the total! Developing understanding between your co-workers is indispensable to maintaining equanimity.

How to Start

The single most important thing is to establish a culture of gratitude. Giving simple thanks builds craftsmanship, grows empathy, and dignifies your workforce. Don’t wait- Paper Direct specializes in products that build bridges and celebrate everyone’s contributions. Reach out for a complimentary consultation and watch your company’s happiness blossom!