How to Make Mass Mailing More Fun for Your Team

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

With the holiday season and New Years approaching, your business most likely has plans to market directly to clients using a variety of channels: e-mail, flyers, blogs, posters, social media, and mail. While digital marketing methods do not require the hands-on labor that traditional methods demand, a sizeable mass mailing project is probably the most time-consuming and dull task of them all. However, to ignore the value of good ol’ snail mail could result in lowered year-end earnings for your business.

Rather than making a holiday season mass mailing the bane of your staff’s existence, take this team-building opportunity to have some fun with your employees while completing this important marketing project. It might seem silly or needless, but these tips for how to make mass mailing more fun for your team will increase morale while getting the job done.

Fun & Games

Of course you want your employees to stay focused on the job and approach their work professionally but when it comes to assembling a mass mailing, the tasks at-hand can be rather mindless. Not only will you increase the accuracy of your employees’ work by turning the process into a series of games and competitions, your company will most likely have to invest less hours into putting together the mass mailing. Time tests, find the funniest names, and a challenge to see who gets the fewest papercuts are just few methods for having some fun with your team while assembling a mass mailing.

Snacks & Libations

Recognize your staff’s hard work with everyone’s favorite rewards: food and beverages. Order in breakfast and/or lunch, bring in homemade goodies, or clear out the grocery store’s snack aisle. Don’t forget to do something special for beverages, such as a DIY hot cocoa bar or a large selection of juices, teas, and sodas for employees to sip on throughout the day. Use your best judgment but maybe bringing in some holiday spirits and seasonal ales would also ease the tedium of the mass mailing process.

Background Entertainment

When you’re working on a monotonous project, such as applying mailing labels or stuffing envelopes, some entertainment helps make the time move faster. A playlist of high energy tunes or holiday music is one way to make the work environment more pleasant for everyone. Another option is to take a poll prior to mass mailing day to determine your employees’ favorite holiday movies. Then when it’s time to put together your mail marketing campaign, have those beloved films playing in the background.

A Little Something Extra

Whether it’s a half day on a Friday or a group outing to a nearby bowling alley, find some way to show your staff you appreciate them working on a project that’s not necessarily a part of their job descriptions. Assembling a mass mailing is a team effort, and the team should be rewarded for pitching in. No need to break the bank, but some gesture of gratitude will make the entire effort worthwhile for everyone who worked on it.