How to Improve Employee Productivity

Employee Recognition Ideas

employee productivity

What used to motivate employees thirty years ago, isn’t as enticing today. When you’re working with a staff of Millennials fresh out of college, you need to appeal to their desires to improve employee productivity. Canned ham gifts are out. Flex work days are in.

Offer immediate gratification incentives.

When you see an employee going above and beyond, reward him with a free online gaming download code, or a hot latte fresh from the office coffee shop. Others will see this instant reward, and strive to be just as productive to also earn some freebies.

Set a flexible schedule.

Punching in and out at the same time each day gets boring. If your business can handle the flexibility, allow employees to tackle their duties based total hours completed during the day. This means they can take a three hour lunch break to go surfing if they don’t mind working late, or they can start their day at 5am when they feel inspired. As long as they meet their daily goals, and tally a set number of hours throughout the day, they’re in good standing.

Relax the office atmosphere.

Millennials aren’t into suits and ties. Well, not all in one outfit, anyway. Whether it’s one day a week, or every day, offer a casual dress code and colorful, uncommon office furniture. If your colleagues want to forego a traditional desk and work from a reclining overstuffed chair with a lap tray because they feel like they get more work done — let them. A comfortable setting yields higher productivity.

Create cozy community spaces.

Nothing kickstarts ideas like collaborating. So, skip the traditional boardroom and offer a lounge filled with beanbag chairs or a kid’s ball pit. Brainstorm, create and discuss ideas while kicking back and releasing tension. The easier and more frequently your team formulates ideas, the better off the company is in the long run. So, if you need a lazer tag obstacle course in your office to help creatives get inspired, build it.

Celebrate big and small achievements.

Waiting for an annual employee recognition ceremony is so 1980s. Instead, celebrate achievements weekly to fuel the need for reassurance and feedback in the workplace. Print up a set of silly, but honorable, certificates to hand out throughout the work week. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for The Best Project Idea at the last meeting or Coolest Mustache Design?

Are you ready to boost your staff’s productivity by making a few changes around the office? Start brainstorming more ideas, and in the meantime, order a few speciality certificates so you can reward your outstanding employees ASAP.