Boosting Confidence of Those Around You: It’s Your Job

Employee Recognition Ideas


Confidence is powerful. Self-respect not only improves mental health but also translates to productivity at the office. Confidence empowers people to face obstacles head-on, see the positive in situations and take smart risks. Any boss would be happy to see these qualities in their employees.

You can easily improve the confidence level of your staff by making a few changes to the way you communicate and present information. Get started with one or two of these tactics this week and watch confidence levels soar at your workplace!

Recognize Strengths and Achievements

A pat on the back does wonders for employees who have a low self-esteem. In a small office, make it a point to recognize something positive with each employee every few days. Congratulate them on reaching a goal or compliment progress on a project. In larger work environments, use the company newsletter, intranet or daily announcements to give positive shout outs.

Promote Positivity Each Day

The negative voices in our heads that make us second guess our choices can squash confidence quickly. Try adding positivity quotes to your email signature, post inspirational memes on the company social media accounts and create a cheerful upbeat environment. Diffusing invigorating citrus essential oils, offering daily meditation breaks and starting the day with a joke over the office intercom is sure to spark a few smiles.

Celebrate Employee Accomplishments

Whether you do it monthly, or annually, set aside time to truly focus on the staff and what they’ve brought to the business over the years. An appreciation dinner or work retreat that highlights long-term achievements, work anniversaries and pivotal ideas that have ensured company success deserve to be celebrated. Reward the staff with certificates of achievement, a little goodie bag of their favorite treats and a small monetary reward or gift card to show gratitude from the company.

Set Realistic, Monitored Goals

Every business creates internal benchmarks for success. Why not make them known to the entire staff, and break them into individual steps to be celebrated? For example, rather than focusing on a year-end financial goal, celebrate each week or month when you’re on track to hit the ultimate goal. This builds confidence gradually and the momentum of success lasts throughout the year.

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