4 Promotional Ideas for National Grandparents Day

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national grandparents day

Every business knows that in the weeks before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, kids across the country race to local shops to grab a token of appreciation for their mom or dad. Family-motivated holidays are big business. In fact, Mother’s Day rakes in around $21 billion and Father’s Day nets around $12 billion in sales of cards, flowers, and gifts….

How to Get Year Round Customers from Small Business Saturday

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Small business saturday - year round customers

Small Business Saturday may happen once a year, but it could generate a handsome slate of year-round customers and clients. Successfully transforming one-time visitors into year-round customers involves a two-step process. The first is collecting your visitors’ contact information. The second is devising a post-SBS plan that helps boost your branding, customer activity, and sales. Step 1: Collect Information Capturing…

Small Business Saturday Promotion Ideas: Physical Location

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Small Business Saturday storefront

Congratulations on your decision to participate in Small Business Saturday! But saying you want to be a part of it and actually taking action to ensure a huge turnout are two different things. You said the words, and now it’s time to get into action. Small Business Saturday falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so hopefully you have ample time…

How to Promote a Flash Sale for Your Business

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Flash Sale Promotion

While a flash sale might seem like a quick way to unload excess merchandise, there are many solid reasons to hold one. A flash sale is an excellent method for re-engaging your digital audience and increasing foot traffic to your brick and mortar location. If your business opts to host one, these flash sale ideas will help you promote the…

How to Reach Out After Losing Touch

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Everyone has that long lost cousin who only shows up at holiday dinners and weddings. They pretend to be your best buddy on the one day of the year you actually connect — and it’s obnoxious. The same holds true for business contacts. It’s normal to lose touch. But, when it’s time to reconnect, be honest and enticing. Here’s how…

Creative Touch Points for the Sales Team

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sales team

We are living in an increasingly automated world. Marketing automation in particular has taken the marketing and sales world by storm, helping us save time and – if we do it right – improve conversions and sales through highly customized outreach efforts. The downside to all this automation, though, is that some marketers and sales professionals are getting less personal…

How to Choose a Social Media Platform for Your Business

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Social media has transformed the marketing landscape for businesses of all sizes in every industry. While these channels offer companies opportunities to generate leads, using the right social media platform is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. With all the choices, it’s hard to know which social media platforms your business needs to invest its marketing budget…

Client Touch Points: A Proper List

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client touch points

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said. “You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”   Any time a potential lead or current client engages with your brand, they are interacting with one of your company’s touch points. Whether a customer is visiting your website or receiving…