Its Getting to be that Time: Make Way for Holiday Party Games

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The holiday season is a great time to boost workplace morale and build rapport between new and established employees. Add these party games to your holiday celebrations to make them parties to remember:

Ribbon Tangle

Cut multiple lengths of ribbon 10 to 20 feet long, then attach a plastic spoon to one end. To the other end, attach a small gift like a chocolate bar or a pack of decorative sticky notes.

Wind the ribbons around one another and furniture in the room. Each player grabs a spoon and, without ever letting go of it, unwinds her way to her prize.

Camera Hot Potato selfie

While everyone is sitting down to eat, pass around a camera in timer mode. Each person must point the camera at his face for a moment before passing it on.

This game yields plenty of funny photos to remember the office party.

What’s the Word?

Before the party, spend a little time finding obscure words in the dictionary. Write them down on construction paper large enough to show to the group. Each person should come up with her own definition for every word.

Whoever gets the most laughs for her idea wins. Print up casual certificates in fun styles for the perfect award.

Christmas Wishes.

Many local charities put together wish lists for kids in need. Make keepsake ornaments and attach a card to each with a child’s name, age and a suggested gift. During the party, invite people to take an ornament and fill a wish.

These and other party games help shy employees mingle and allows everyone to bond for a stronger company and a more enjoyable workplace. During the holidays and throughout the year, make your business look its best. Keep your written communications professional and inviting with the wide range of products from PaperDirect.