How to Throw a Christmas Party Worthy of William & Kate

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The Christmas season is filled with beauty and wonder with lights shimmering and goodwill overflowing. It is the perfect time to hold elegant gatherings and welcome family and friends into our lives to celebrate all we hold dear. Throwing a perfect Christmas party requires some planning, and when it comes to elegant Christmas parties its success rests in the details….

5 Lavish Ideas for your Company Christmas Party

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

There is an old saying that “being kind helps your bottom line” and that’s especially true at Christmas.  Christmas parties are the perfect time to show your appreciation and build bonds of loyalty with your employees.  They’ve worked hard so why not surprise them with one of these lavish ideas for the company Christmas party? Rent a Museum or Art…

5 Out of the Box Ideas for Your Company Christmas Party

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips


Formal dinners and cocktail parties are great, but they are not for everyone. If the traditional company Christmas party just doesn’t fit your company culture, it may be time to think out of the box. Celebrating the holidays can be even more fun and memorable when you mix in a bit of the nontraditional and even a little wacky into…

Christmas Party Planning Tip #6 – The Drinks

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Christmas Party Planning Tip #6

Celebrate the holidays, but do it safely! Since most Christmas parties include alcoholic beverages, have an action plan in place to keep employees out of harm’s way. Things to Consider: Use drink tickets. Give each guest a set number of complimentary drinks via a ticket system to limit them to two or three beverages. If they want more, they will…

Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Successful White Elephant Bash

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

If there is anything more fun than the White Elephant Party in encouraging a hilariously good time, we do not know of it. The wacky tradition encourages the exchange of small, often useless, always creative, and completely funny gifts among friends. But even “almost anything goes” parties need a few guidelines, so here is the ultimate guide on throwing a…

Which “The Office” Character are you at the Christmas Party?

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Have you ever wondered which “The Office” character you would be if you worked at Dunder Mifflin? Angela? Dwight? Michael? Jim? Find out by taking our quiz below and then share your answers with your friends. Pass this quiz around your office before your epic Christmas party this year and collect the responses. Then proudly display your Office character or…

5 Gift Ideas for Office Secret Santa

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

An office-wide Secret Santa or gift exchange brings the joy of the holidays to your business. But, figuring out what gift to give can be tricky for employees, especially if they pick the name of someone from another department or someone they don’t know well. Help your employees find the perfect present with these gift ideas for office Secret Santa….

Funny (but Appropriate) White Elephant Gift Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Spice up any office Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange where each employee brings a creative or funny gift to play a ridiculous swapping and stealing game. The success of the event depends largely on whether people manage to find the balance of gifts that are funny, yet still appropriate for the setting. Try some of these funny…

8 End of the Year Party Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Another year has come and gone, and it’s time to celebrate with your employees and coworkers. Your company probably throws an annual end-of-the-year bash, but that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable. These 8 end of the year party ideas are not only creative and unique, but also fun and festive. This is sure to be the unforgettable year…