8 Bold “Save the Date!” Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Finishing Touch Save The Date Postcards

In the last few years, the process of announcing wedding dates has transformed into a game of one-upmanship on Facebook, with each couple eager to gain the most feedback from friends and relatives. While a social media announcement is essential in this day and age, there’s still something special about receiving tangible wedding announcements. Consider spreading the great news with…

Fun & Lovey Dovey Wedding Quotes from Disney Movies

DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, and you have probably agonized over every little detail. When it comes time to creating your wedding invitations, you will want to choose beautiful invitations that match the general theme of your wedding. However, the words that are printed on your wedding invitations are just as important…

DIY Invitation Ideas for Small Weddings

DIY Invitation Ideas

Pretty Petals Fold-Up Invitations by PaperDirect

Small, intimate weddings mean that you can put some extra details into your décor that would be too time-consuming or expensive for a wedding with hundreds of guests. That said, if you’re planning to do special DIY invitations, you’ll get gorgeous, custom results — just be sure to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need so you won’t…

Are Seal and Send Wedding Invitations Formal Enough?

DIY Wedding Ideas

Chances are highly unlikely you’d ever catch Cinderella’s helpers sending out seal and send invitations for her highly formal wedding to Prince Charming. Seal and send invitations are relative newcomers onto the wedding invitation scene, and they consist of a single piece of card stock that contains all the necessary information. You simply fold it in thirds, secure it closed…

How to Put a Map on Your Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Ideas

Famous Program Paper by PaperDirect

When it comes to planning a wedding, details matter. And one of those details is ensuring guests know how to get to your location with a map. Wondering just how to put a map on your wedding invitations? Check out three different options. Hire a Designer Hiring a designer to take over the map duties, or even the duty of…

10 Quotes for Wedding Ceremony Programs

DIY Wedding Accessories

A paper wedding program lets your guests know the order of service and who’s who in the bridal party. Many couples like to include a quote or two in the program that succinctly and romantically sums up how they feel about each other. Here are a few ideas for famous romantic quotes for wedding ceremony programs. 1. Aristotle The ancient…

5 Unique Wedding Banner Ideas

DIY Wedding Accessories

While attaching a “Just Married” sign to the bumper of the bride and groom’s car is a classic wedding decoration (the DIY placard has been featured in countless films over the years), you might want to stray from the typical on your big day! If you want to surprise the newlyweds or your guests, you’re going to have to come…

Last Minute Wedding Programs!

DIY Wedding Accessories

Daisy Dots Programs by PaperDirect

Weddings can be stressful! When it’s your job to plan the big day, you know that almost everything has to be done months in advance. The bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses need to be ordered and fitted, the invitations have to be chosen, sent to the printer and mailed out, and the florist, caterer and baker need to be booked well…

Rain, Rain, Go Away: What to do When Your Outdoor Wedding Gets Wet

DIY Wedding Ideas

Rain on your wedding day is considered good fortune; however, most brides still prefer to get hitched without a hitch. Summer weddings are rained out frequently, and those with wedding liability insurance may have the luxury of rescheduling while others must simply embrace the situation and forge ahead. It’s advisable to always have a rain contingency plan in advance for…

Wedding Invitations for Every Budget!

DIY Wedding Ideas

Pristine Vellum Specialty Layered Invitations

Your desire to make your magical day extra special might make you feel pressured to expend a lot of money – on decorations, that perfect dress, the fairy-tale venue, and divine catering. Weddings, are indeed, quite costly occasions, but you can tamp down the expenditures by saving money on your customized wedding invitations without sacrificing quality or style at PaperDirect. Regardless of…

Dos and Don’ts for Throwing the Perfect Bridal Shower

DIY Invitation Ideas

Optimistic Casual Invitations

Are you always a bridesmaid? Have you thrown bridal showers before? Or is it your First Time? Either way, we’ve put together some fresh ideas along with Do’s and Don’ts for throwing the perfect bridal shower. DO Take a deep breath – Before getting started. Visualize the whole event turning out great! Not to worry, your bride, best friend, sister or…

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Stationary

DIY Invitation Ideas

According to a recent survey of more than 17,000 brides, the cost of an average wedding topped $28,000 in 2012, and that’s excluding the honeymoon. For brides on a budget, it’s almost enough to make you want to elope. But before you start heading for a Vegas wedding chapel, take heed: With some careful planning and a little extra attention…

Last Minute Wedding Checklist

DIY Wedding Accessories

Your wedding day is almost here. Whether it’s quickly approaching in just over a month, or it’s coming up this very weekend, you will want to be prepared with a last-minute wedding checklist so you don’t forget anything on the big day. This last-minute checklist will help guide you through the final hours before your wedding to ensure that everything…

DIY Layered Wedding Invitations Will Save You Money

DIY Invitation Ideas

Everlasting Layered Invitations

Almost everyone wants to save money on their wedding budget, but no one wants to give up any of the elegance they’ve dreamed of for their special day. One place that you can save money without sacrificing style is with invitations. Layered wedding invitations are an easy DIY project that look professional because they are. Layered wedding invitations typically come…

Spring Wedding? Color Ideas for Wedding Reception Cards

DIY Wedding Accessories

Jardin Reception Cards by PaperDirect

Making the most of your special day is a top priority, and you want every detail to be perfect. It’s likely that many hours of contemplation have been invested in selecting the ideal color scheme for your spring wedding, and your invitations and reception cards should complement those hues and also your own personal style. Couples planning to hold their…

How to Save Time and Money on Your DIY Bridal Shower

DIY Invitation Ideas

Save money by planning ahead, having a budget and getting the right price on everything you need for  a DIY bridal shower that will be the talk of the town. Here’s a handy DIY bridal shower checklist to help you plan the perfect party for the bride-to-be, which is probably you! Checklist for 3 Months Prior to Bridal Shower Decide…

Is There a Polite Way to RSVP “No” When You Really Should Go

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

Pristine Specialty Response Set by PaperDirect

Your second cousin twice-removed’s fourth – but still surprisingly formal – wedding. Your college roommate’s third baby shower in as many years. Your husband’s annual – always potluck-style, never-catered – work party, held in the dank, gloomy break room in the back of the warehouse. Maybe it’s for the benefit of your mental health, your wallet, the sake of convenience,…

What are the “Rules” for Wedding Reception Seating?

DIY Wedding Accessories

Stylish Specialty Folded Place Cards by PaperDirect

You’ve set the date, picked out your colors, ordered your flowers, and managed to talk your fiance out of reuniting his old Twisted-Sister-meets-the-Backstreet-Boys cover band from high school to play the reception. Crisis averted! Now comes the real challenge: Creating a wedding reception seating plan that works… for everybody. Family dynamics can be — shall we say – a bit…

Inexpensive DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas That Wow!

DIY Invitation Ideas

Darling Blooms Casual Invitations by PaperDirect

With PaperDirect’s huge selection of invitations for just about every taste imaginable, your do-it-yourself invitations will look imaginative and professional. With our blank invitations, you can create your own invitation based on whatever special event you are hosting, and when you choose one of PaperDirect’s custom invitations, we will print them for you! PaperDirect has inexpensive DIY Wedding Invitations that will…

What Should be Included in my DIY Wedding Program?

DIY Wedding Accessories

Adorable Hearts Programs by PaperDirect

Wedding programs are one of wedding touches that add something very special to what will surely be the most memorable day of your life. Do-it-yourself wedding programs not only give the guests a play-by-play of your ceremony, but they help guests feel included and understand what is happening, and they introduce your bridal party. DIY wedding programs will be a…