Spring Wedding? Color Ideas for Wedding Reception Cards

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Pristine Specialty Reception Cards by PaperDirectMaking the most of your special day is a top priority, and you want every detail to be perfect. It’s likely that many hours of contemplation have been invested in selecting the ideal color scheme for your spring wedding, and your invitations and reception cards should complement those hues and also your own personal style.

Couples planning to hold their reception at a separate time and location other than the marriage site should include reception cards with their wedding invitations. These cards include all of the event’s details that will help your guests make the transition from one festivity to the next with ease.

Reception Card Color Ideas for Spring Weddings

It’s all about pastel colors for springtime weddings with a dominance of soft colors reminiscent of Easter and grass. If you want your reception cards to stand out from the invitations, you can opt for a border or custom printing in hues that complement your primary wedding colors. Many brides and grooms like to “think green.” Green is a highly versatile and compatible hue, and when utilized as a natural element like vines or ivy on cardstock, it can truly create a beautiful look, regardless of the ceremony or reception colors.

Popular Springtime Wedding Reception Card Combinations

Brides and grooms working with two colors should consider these combinations:

  • Pink with any GreenStylish Reception Card by PaperDirect
  • Lavender or Periwinkle and Yellows
  • Light Blue with Mocha, Ivory, or Green
  • Orange and Sage or Ivory
  • Metallic Gold or Silver with Any Color

Three-Color Combinations:

  • Lavender, Pastel Green, and Ivory
  • Ivory, Pink, and Sage
  • White, Mocha, and Pink
  • Pink, Lavender, and Pastel Green
  • Sage, Lavender, and Ivory
  • Yellow, Periwinkle and White

If you want to stay true to your original invitation colors, choose lettering or a border design a shade or two above or below them on the color wheel. For truly remarkable wedding reception cards, consider including all of the colors of your event and then some. Wildflower themes are popular in the springtime, and a multicolored invitation can help foster a whimsical, outdoorsy feeling Jardin Reception Cards by PaperDirecttrue to the essence of spring weddings.

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