How to Make Mass Mailing More Fun for Your Team

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With the holiday season and New Years approaching, your business most likely has plans to market directly to clients using a variety of channels: e-mail, flyers, blogs, posters, social media, and mail. While digital marketing methods do not require the hands-on labor that traditional methods demand, a sizeable mass mailing project is probably the most time-consuming and dull task of…

6 Ways to Motivate & Recognize Your Volunteers

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American author Cynthia Ozick once said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” Across the nation and around the world, volunteers make the important work of nonprofit organizations possible. However, these generous heroes often go unsung.   Nonprofits can use these six ways to recognize volunteers for all of their donated hours and meaningful…

8 Office-Friendly Workouts to Get You Movin’

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Office Lunges

Just because you can’t break into a flurry of jumping jacks in the middle of a board meeting doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at work. Even short activity breaks can go a long way toward combating the detriments of sitting at a desk all day. Check out six office friendly workouts inspired by info at Fitbie and Fitness magazine. Chair Squats Find…

The Best Snacks for a Healthy Office

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Whether they’re packed in the office vending machine or calling out to you from the break room table, unhealthy snacks are generally lurking around every workplace corner. For the third post in our healthy office series, we compiled a list of common harmful foods at work and then provided alternative snacks for a healthy office. Harmful Foods vs. Snacks for…

Top 5 Myths About Employee Retention

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We know a thing or two about employee appreciation at Paper Direct. Part and parcel with it is an understanding of employee retention. That’s why we’d like to share our thoughts on some retention myths. Recognizing these common traps is a great way to avoid them. Myth #1: Pay is the Leading Factor in Retention A 2014 survey by Bamboo…

15 Ways Schools Can Appreciate Their Teachers (on the Cheap)

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Day in and day out, teachers go above and beyond. From staying late to help students with projects, to arriving early to perfect lesson plans, this profession isn’t celebrated enough. So on May 5th it’s time to say Thank You! 15 ways schools can appreciate teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day! 1. Have the school secretary reach out to parents and…

Why Your Relationship with Your Employees Matters

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Most managers dream of a work environment that consists of collaboration, ingenuity, productivity, low stress and high employee morale. If you manage a group of people, it may be easier to make that dream into a reality than you think. It all starts with one thing: building a great relationship with your employees. Why does this matter so much? Why…

An Administrative Professional’s Day Gift That Motivates

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Administrative Assistant Certificate and Jacket by PaperDirect

During any given weekday, an office’s administrative staff provides constant support to every other department, usually taking on the tasks and duties no else wants to complete. Sometimes it does not occur to management how important it is to motivate administrative professionals, even though these individuals provide invaluable work to the company as a whole. With Administrative Professionals Week and…

6 Management Mistakes that Kill Employee Motivation

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Most managers truly want to inspire their employees to come up with creative ideas, be more productive and do better work. However, without even realizing it, it can be easy to slip into motivation-killing habits that affect the level at which an employee contributes, as well as play a part in staff turnover. If you’re a manager, take a look…

How & Why to Cultivate a Positive Attitude at Work

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Think positive! Look on the bright side! Don’t worry, be happy! There’s so much out there these days about the “power of positive thinking” that it can start seeming like a bunch of self-help hooey. As long as you get your work done, you may wonder whether it really matters whether you have a positive mindset or not. The short…

Office Award Ideas Inspired by the 90s

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It’s time to take a step back in time. You know, when MTV played music videos and MC Hammer balloon pants were cool. For your next company awards recognition party, slip on your vintage jelly shoes, don that side ponytail proudly and dig out your New Kids on the Block cassette tape. Here’s six office award ideas inspired by the…

Recognition VS Rewards: The Difference & Why You Need Both

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Tracery Gold Certificate by PaperDirect

Most companies are well aware of how important it is to recognize and reward outstanding employees regularly. Saying “thank you” in a public way improves morale, decreases turnover and increases productivity. However, the perceived cost of a formal recognition program can keep some businesses from implementing one. The good news is that recognition and reward programs can be tailored to…

Top 5 Reasons Employees are Staying

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One primary goal of every business owner is employee retention. After all, it often costs less to maintain a content staff than it does to find, onboard and train new employees. So, what are the top reasons why employees stay at their jobs? Let’s find out! 1. They feel engaged. Although employees appreciate workplace incentives like a free cafeteria and…

Why Peer to Peer Recognition is Just as Important as Top Down

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Companies that have a recognition program in place are doing something right. These programs increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rate substantially. However, a study conducted by Bersin by Deloitte found that 87 percent of recognition programs focus on tenure rather than performance. This type of recognition is a holdover from the days when people stayed with a company for…

The Top 5 Reasons Employees are Leaving your Company

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The Top 5 Reasons Employees are Leaving

As the new year gets underway, many people take a moment for self-reflection. Does my career fulfill my professional goals? Do I see a future with my employer? Will I be happier if I change jobs? So, it’s no surprise that many job changes occur during the first of the year. Plus, it’s when most companies post job openings. A…

How to Motivate Employees after a Layoff

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Whether the economy is in a boom or bust cycle, downsizing is an unfortunate reality for many companies at one time or another. It might be due to a merger or acquisition, restructuring for better efficiency or simply the need to cut the budget. Whatever the reason, layoffs are tough on everyone. If not handled correctly, morale may take a…

How to Relax & Revive Yourself at a Stationary Desk Job

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The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work, work and more work. That can translate to endless hours at your desk and increased amounts of stress. Sitting for long periods of time puts you at risk of gaining weight, increasing your blood pressure, raising blood sugar levels and elevating your risk for cardiovascular disease, according to…

2015 Is the Year of the Employee

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With the economy continuing to recover in many sectors, it’s more important than ever for companies to hire and retain good employees. As a recent Wall Street Journal article noted, “High employee turnover hurts a company’s bottom line. Experts estimate it costs upwards of twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. And churn can damage morale among…

5 Ways to Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

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Let’s face it. Most of us would rather by lying on a beach somewhere instead of cooped up in an office cubicle. Why? Because it’s FUN! For some reason, the word “fun” isn’t usually associated with work. Far too often, words like stress, boredom and drudgery spring to mind instead. But why shouldn’t work be fun? More and more studies…