Tie A Bow to Make Your Invitations More Unique

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A very popular way to make invitations unique is by adding adornments such as bows. Bows can give any invitation a personal and beautiful flair. However, it is important to choose the right techniques in order to keep the invitations looking sleek and professional.

Initial Considerations

One of the first considerations is the type of paper you will be using. This will dictate what type of material used to create the bow as well as how it should be attached to the invitation.

Lightweight Paper

For example, if the wedding invitation is made of a thin parchment or other material that will bend easily, you will want to choose a small bow and a thin, light-weight material from which to construct the bow, or the paper will bend with weight. Additionally, bows are better glued to lightweight paper. Some of the materials you can use to add to thinner paper include:

  • Thin ribbon
  • Thin raffia
  • Other light-weight materials

Thicker paper

If the invitation is made of thicker paper or card stock, it may be possible to use a hole punch to create two holes which make tying a bow much easier. Thicker paper can accommodate a wider range of types of bows as well as materials form which to construct them, which include:

  • Thick or broad ribbon
  • Thicker raffia or similar materials
  • Fabrics

Many styles of printable invitations are available for you to add your own style to your unique invitation.

Below are several examples of bows with links to systematic instructions for each.

How to Tie a Simple Loop
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How to Tie a Simple Bow

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How to Tie a Simple Loop with Bow

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How to Tie a Multiple Loop Bow

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