Wedding Planning Timeline

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All holiday party planning requires a timeline and planning a wedding, especially during the holidays, requires one too. We all know wedding planners get paid some really good money to put together weddings, and they know the only way to have everything look great and come off perfect is to have everything scheduled.

Planners start weeks in advance of a wedding, even when they have months of notice. They know that renting the hall or making arrangements to use a church takes time. Also, working with the couple to get the right preacher, and to sit down and make other choices takes time too. Even sitting down and picking the flowers, the music and especially the cake decorations can take hours, which means the planning timeline has to have room for all of those sit down sessions.

You’d think it would be reasonable to have everything come together in a month or two, but seasoned wedding planners know that, especially during the holiday party planning season that making a wedding fit can be a real challenge. Caterers get all kinds of calls during the holiday season, so fitting them in can be almost impossible if you’ve not made the call well in advance. That’s where having the call to the caterer set early in the timeline, right after booking the reception hall is important.

There are a lot of details you can add to things like flower types and menu items, but nailing down the big issues like where the wedding will be held and the reception area and catering will be the big things right off the bat you’ll have to make sure have gotten done early enough. Even little details like renting a limousine and having fittings for the tuxedos can be problematic during the holiday season, so establishing a timeline and letting people know about appointments in plenty of time, and reminding them of them, is also key.

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task any time of the year. Writing down a list of things that has to be done and putting that list on a timeline is a necessary evil. But having one where all the steps are laid out from the day after the engagement all the way through the day after the honeymoon will ensure all of your tasks get accomplished, and that the wedding turns out absolutely perfect!