What Is A Good Planning Timeline?

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Good planning timelines are often hard to gauge, and quite often depend on the event in question. From the date to begin plans all the way through the after event clean up, when to start planning and executing can be problematic at best. If you start too soon, then you’ve got wasted time and effort that goes into it, but if you wait too late, then you don’t have enough time to tie up all the loose ends which means your event turns into a disaster.

This means defining exactly when to start event planning is vitally important to the success of the event. Obviously, the bigger the event, the more time required to set it up. If your event is going to require public facilities, then booking them soon enough will be essential, as well as making sure any entertainment is booked ahead as well. This may mean you have to set your timeline months in advance of the event.

Granted, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt the best laid timelines which can result in a disaster as well. But giving yourself enough time to set contingencies up in case an emergency does arise will avert that disaster. This one aspect alone means it’s almost impossible to start too soon on event planning because there are too many factors that can cause issues. This is why those who do event planning for a living, like wedding planners, get the big bucks.

So don’t sell the event short. Start your planning as soon as possible. This enables you to anticipate issues and problems and with proper planning, you can eliminate issues and problems as they come up. Lay out your timeline on a calendar and set specific dates to do certain things like call for catering if necessary, rent facilities when needed and to send out invitations. This way, you don’t miss anything and when something comes up, you can see what it will affect and can make changes accordingly. Plan well, plan ahead and plan now.