Using Your Imagination to Create Unique Invitations

Designing Your Invitation

Everyone knows what an invitation is for, right? Right. Well, when it comes to creating a unique invitation, you may well be under the impression you can’t do that, right again? Wrong. Unique invitations are actually quite easy to make, and you can sit down and design your own in just a matter of minutes. All it takes is a little imagination

There is some basic things invitations need in order to be invitations, right? Time, date, where it’s to be located and what it’s for are most of the list. But there are a lot of unique ways that information can be delivered, which makes your invitation one-of-a-kind. Again, the limitation is only your imagination.

For instance, one way to make a unique invitation is to have it made out of pictures. One picture of what it’ll be about, like a Halloween party could have a pumpkin picture. Next, would be a picture of a calendar with the date circled. Next would be a picture of a clock or watch with the time set and last, a map to where the party will be located.

Another is mailing postcards that have only a link to a website where all the info can be found. You can even have an RSVP link on the website so you’ll know who will be coming and who won’t. There are lots of interesting and different ways to come up with a unique invitation. See what all you can come up with for yours.