5 Crafty Ideas for an “Un-crafty” Person

DIY Invitation Ideas

When it comes to doing wedding planning, setting up the shower, taking care of all the events associated with a wedding, if you’re going to do a lot of it yourself, there’s a lot of crafty things you can do. Depending on what your particular craft bent is, you can do flowers, sew tablecloths, napkins, dresses and other items to be sewn, and if you cook, doing the dinners and even the wedding cake may be something you’re up for. But for those of us who have virtually no crafting ability at all, any kind of crafty ideas and help is always appreciated. Here are a few quick ideas for a wedding that you don’t have to really be crafty to do.

1.    Since the modern thing to do is to blow bubbles at the end of the wedding instead of throwing rice, go buy a bunch of bubble bottles and some flowery hair ribbons. Tie the ribbon around the bottle and affix with double sided tape. Looks great and is easy to do.

2.    Blow up balloons that are the wedding colors. If there are no specific colors, then use white. Bunch together in groups of 3 and tape them to the tables at the reception, the doors, and the food tables, etc.

3.    Use ribbons as streamers off the table edges. Once the table cloths are laid down, use double sided tape and start at one end of the table running the ribbon. Let it droop down about 3 inches and bring it back up, using double sided tape to stick it in place when it gets back to the top of the table. Easy to do, and you can reuse the ribbon after the wedding is over

4.    Use confetti sprinkled on the tables to add a festive look to the occasion

5.    And as a non-rice alternative, use paper confetti instead

All of these ideas are easy to do, don’t take a lot of money or effort, and makes you look like a hero in the crafts department.