Creating a Moving Announcement for the New Couple

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Patterned Thank You NoteCardsWhen a couple gets married, that’s the beginning of a new life for both of them. Even if they’ve known each other for years, when the marriage ceremony is over, there are changes that have to be made. More often than not, when the bride and groom come back from the honeymoon, they’ll be moving into a new place to begin their new life. This means they’ll have to have a moving announcement so all their friends and relatives will know where they’ve relocated to.

Unless one or the other has a place big enough for both to live in comfortably, both the bride and groom will be moving to a new place. Lots of times, both the bride and groom are either living in a very small place or will have roommates, so having a place big enough for both to live together and have privacy will be required. This means moving in and sorting through a lot of stuff, to be sure, but having all the addressing changed will be needed as well.

Going to and changing addresses is a snap. All it takes is a few minutes clicking around the website and filling out the new address is easy enough. Sending change of address cards to businesses and other agencies that need them will be necessary. But

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letting friends and relatives know your new address can be handled in a couple of ways.

You’ll want to make sure they’ve got it written somewhere so they can actually locate it later. While sending an email may work, and giving them information over the phone usually works, but sending change of address information with thank you cards for those who showed up at the wedding will take care of two duties at once. Also, for others who you want to keep in touch with, sending letters or cards about the wedding and how it went will give you the opportunity to give them the new address as well.

Dream Home PostcardsMaking sure you’ve got your ducks in a row when it comes to letting others know your new address isn’t a difficult process. You can even send postcards with your new address on them so your friends and relatives can stay in touch. Regardless of which method you use, the process isn’t a difficult one. Reaching out and touching your friends and relatives with your new address information will be appreciated.