How To Prepare For a Couples Wedding Shower

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In today’s world, a lot of the older methods of preparing for a wedding have become modified. Either there just isn’t enough time to do things the old way, or, let’s face it, in today’s economy, you just can’t afford to do everything the old way. Those are a couple of reasons why having a couple’s wedding shower instead of one specifically for the bride and a different occasion for the groom is beginning to become popular. But having a shower for both the bride and the groom changes how you have to prepare for it.

First, you’ll have to prepare for about twice as many people. This means more food and beverages, and a larger place to have it. Having the shower in someone’s home could be a much better idea than having it in a restaurant. That means it may take a little longer for the initial preparations, but it is more economical and takes less time in the long run. Plus, with all the guys around, there’s less likely to be leftovers.

Next, gift giving will have to be considered. While most gifts are going to be useful, handy and downright great gifts, there will be the occasional joke gift tossed in. Showers for brides are usually punctuated with racy lingerie and other somewhat off color gifts, and the groom’s party is subject to the same type of humor. In a mixed crowd, these gifts may not be such a great idea, unless time is set aside where the bride and groom can receive certain gifts in private or those particular gifts will have to be marked “Do Not Open”.

When planning for the couples shower, entertainment will need to be a bit different as well. If you have the event in someone’s home, the entertainment can be split between different rooms, especially if a sports event is going to be on. This will help segregate the bride’s party from the grooms, giving that level of privacy for the gag gifts as well as providing entertainment for both groups.

Planning for a couples wedding shower is a bit different than planning separate parties, but with a little forethought and a little extra time, a couple’s shower can be just as much fun and just as uplifting as separate affairs. Take a look at what options you can find to make your next wedding shower a couples shower. You’ll actually save time, money and hassle factor.