Five Office Holiday Party Suggestions

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Who doesn’t love going to a holiday party? Now let me ask this: Who doesn’t love hosting a holiday party? If you would rather go a party than organize one, you’re not alone. While most of us enjoy going to a party, not many of us enjoy planning and hosting a holiday party. And when you are charged with organizing an office holiday party, there is usually added pressure because you certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself or let down your colleagues at this joyous time of year.

If you are in charge (or are on the holiday party committee), you may not know how to even begin planning a successful holiday bash. Here are five office holiday party suggestions that will help make your party a big hit.

  1. Get help. The more hands (and minds) contributing, the more you can get accomplished and the more creative ideas you will have to work with.
  2. Get out of the office. Choose a venue away from the building where you work. It’s a lot harder to get into the holiday spirit if you are surrounded by desks, office equipment, and ringing phones. Move your party to a more festive site such as a hotel, restaurant, museum, ice rink, art gallery, country inn, or some other location away from the office. To ensure everyone gets  home safely, you can arrange for transportation (shuttles, limos, buses, cabs, etc.).
  3. Choose festive holiday music. If the budget does not allow for a professional band or DJ, be sure to have plenty of CDs from which to choose. Or, ask around the office–maybe someone you work with is in a band or knows a band that can be hired at a reasonable price. Good music is an integral part of any holiday celebration. Choose something for everyone.
  4. Decorate! There is nothing more depressing than a sparsely decorated party area, so be sure to have a good variety of party decorations such as streamers, banners, balloons, table favors, confetti, mistletoe, poinsettias, and a beautifully festive tree, if your budget and space allow.
  5. Have a varied and abundant selection of food and drinks. Be sure to have non-alcoholic drinks for the teetotalers in attendance.

These office holiday party suggestions are sure to make your bash the talk of the office!

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