Is It Wrong to Email Wedding Thank You Cards?

Wedding Wording & Etiquette

In a sentence–Yes, it’s wrong to email wedding thank you cards. If your guest took the time to buy you a wedding gift, you must send a handwritten wedding thank you card. Simply put, an email to say “thank you” will not suffice. We often post blogs related to DIY (do-it-yourself weddings) and wedding etiquette, so the PaperDirect blog is a great place to get some common questions answered.

Many newlyweds wonder if the “rules” have changed regarding thank you notes in this era of everything-technological and social media. While many traditions have been affected by the change brought about by technology, common courtesies, like writing a thank you note for a wedding gift, have not.

Some other wedding thank you card etiquette do’s and dont’s:

  • Do send thank you cards within 3-4 weeks of the ceremony–no more than six, if possible.
  • Do start writing thank you notes for the gifts you receive before the wedding as this will help you manage the number of cards you must write after the ceremony.
  • Do set a goal of writing “so many” thank you cards each day.
  • Don’t let your new husband convince you it’s your “job” to write the thank you notes–it’s a shared task to send a word of thanks to those who gave you wedding gifts. After all, the gifts are for both of you, so why should only one of you do the work?
  • Do be specific in your thank you note by stating what the gift was and what it will be used for.
  • Don’t mention amount of a cash gift in a wedding thank you card.
  • Do make sure the person you’re thanking is the correct person for that particular gift.
  • Do check and recheck thank you card recipients’ names and address spellings.
  • Do send thank you cards to vendors who helped make your special day extra nice.
  • Do address the thank you card to the person (or persons) who signed your gift card and include the names of family members who attended.
  • Do not use prepaid postage; hand stamping each thank you note is much more personal.

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