7 Ways to Bring Joy on a Small Christmas Party Budget

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Holly Tapestry Christmas Postcards by PaperDirectYour company might not have the biggest budget or money to spare for a massive office Christmas party. But, even with a small Christmas party budget, you can still hold a festive event and help your employees get in the spirit of Christmas.

7 Small Budget Christmas Party Ideas:

Hold a Cookie Swap

Instead of having a Pollyanna or Secret Santa, which can get pricey, hold a company-wide cookie swap. Each employee can bring in a few dozen homemade (or store bought) cookies to trade with each other.

Go Caroling

It might corny, but it can also be pretty fun. Gather up a group of your business’ best singers and take them caroling from office to office or from cubicle to cubicle.

Send PostcardsGold Flakes Holiday Postcards by PaperDirect

Instead of using traditional invitations, send Christmas postcards to invite people to the party. Since you don’t need an envelope, postcards are less expensive than regular invitations. Place a postcard in each employee’s on-site mailbox. You can also mail the cards and save on postage, too.

Screen Christmas Movies

Turn a conference room with a television or projection screen into a Christmas movie screening room during your office’s party. Screen family-friendly movies such as “A Christmas Story” or “Santa Claus: The Movie” if your employees are bringing their children to the party.

Have a Potluck

Keep the costs of the company Christmas party low by asking each staff member to contribute a dish. Coordinate in advance, so that you don’t end up with 20 bottles of soda and no food. Make a list of suggestions and how much of each item you think the party will need. Hang a sign up sheet on a bulletin board in the break area or leave it with the company’s receptionist.

Old Fashioned Holly Christmas Postcards by PaperDirect

Make it a Lunch Party

If you decide to have the office party off-site, make it a lunch event to keep costs low. Reserve a table at a local restaurant, instead of going the catering or banquet hall route to save even more money.

Join Forces

Consider joining forces with another small company in the same office building. Two businesses can combine their Christmas party budgets to throw a bigger, more festive bash.

Your office Christmas party and celebration doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to look cheap, either. Whether you head out, stay onsite, or partner with another business, throw a memorable party without breaking the bank.