How to Create Your Guest List for Your Wedding

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Before a bride can send out her beautiful invitations that provide meticulous details about her wedding day, she needs to narrow down her guest list.

It can be difficult to choose the most important family members and friends that have shared a role in the lives of both the bride and groom, and the task can quickly become overwhelming.

These tips for how to create a guest list will help any couple while planning their wedding.

How to Create Your Guest List for Your Wedding

Master List

Create a master list of all the people you would potentially like to invite to your ceremony and reception.

This will give you an idea of how many people you may want to invite, but also help you begin to narrow down if your list is too long.

It’s important to be fair about inviting guests — not only do you and your future spouse have people to invite, but both sets of in-laws also will have guests that they want to include as well.

Break into Groups

Separate the guest list into various groups including immediate family, extended family, friends and co-workers. Begin to filter through each list in order to determine who should make the final cut. Again, it is important to be fair and to set a consistent number that each person has to stick to when it comes to inviting guests.


Create a “B-List” in order to send out additional invites as you receive declines from the original guest list. You may want to place extra friends and co-workers on this B-list in the event that some relatives and close friends cannot attend the wedding.

Be Consistent

Set a standard for who will be cut from the list, and be consistent between all parties who are hoping to invite people to the wedding. For instance, some couples set a rule that all guests must be at least 18 years old in order to be invited.

Creating the guest list can be one of the most chaotic parts of wedding planning, and it honestly should be one of the first tasks that the couple checks off of their to-do list. When a guest list is determined and set well in advance of the wedding, the bride and groom will be able to easily and accurately plan for every other part of the big day. For more information on wedding guest lists and to see options for stunning invitations, check out PaperDirect today.