Christmas Party Planning Tip #7 – Gifts & Goodies

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips


As guests gather for the Christmas party and toasts are made, plan to send home a token of gratitude and Christmas appreciation. Whether your guests are your best friends or your employees, celebrate them. A simple verbal recognition to the group, followed up with a gift or certificate presentation, makes the party extra engaging.

For the Office Party:

If you’ve never ordered or presented award certificates in the past, it’s simple.

  1. Choose a certificate style that highlights your key values such as excellence, achievement or performance. Many certificates can be customized with a company logo or motto.

  2. Have a calligrapher add the employee names to the certificates or use a decorative font.

  3. Sign each document and tuck them into individual certificate holders to keep them from folding or creasing.

  4. Keep a camera handy to get snapshots of each award recipient. Use the pictures in the company newsletter or on social media accounts.

For the Home Party:

If you have a little extra spending cash, consider sending guests home with a gift. Some simple and elegant gift ideas include:

  • Ornaments
  • Bottles of Wine
  • Homemade Coco Mix
  • Coffee
  • Cookie/Dessert Goodie Bag

There’s still time to order certificates, employee gifts and holiday greeting cards to present at the party.

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