5 New & Bright Themed Work Celebrations

Event Planning Tips

Everyone expects a Christmas or New Year’s party. While holiday parties are fun, it can be even more fun (and effective) to have unexpected and off-season themed work celebrations. For most adults, the office is where they spend a huge portion of their life. Interacting with the same people in the same environment day after day can cause even the most dedicated employee to get a bit bored or discouraged. One of the best ways to keep employee motivation high and the workplace interesting is by shaking things up with a masterfully themed office party.

Themed work celebrations are more than just a way to have fun. They are a way to build relationships and create an unbeatable team. Office celebrations are not just effective in breaking up the monotony of our jobs, but celebrating the company culture that binds the team together.

Break out the streamers and recognition awards! Here are our five top choices for themed workplace celebrations.

Dweeby Alter Ego Party

Deep down (or maybe not so deep!) we all want to get our geek on.  Why not let everyone unleash the geek with the Dweeby Alter Ego themed party? Break out the pocket protectors and geek themed awards (like Star Wars). This is one party everyone is sure to remember for years to come.

Surprise Party

Get everyone in the office for a mandatory meeting and then surprise the team with an incredible party. While everyone is behind closed doors, have the food, entertainment and decorating team show up, flash mob style and transform the office into a fabulous, never-to-be-forgotten party.

Mystery Themed Party, With a Twist

A murder mystery party is already fun, but one with a twist can make it even more memorable. While you promote a murder mystery party, what you actually have in store is a Scooby Doo themed mystery party! Jinkies! Don’t forget the ascot!

All the Theme Parties are Taken, so This is a Party about Nothing

Think Seinfeld, NY, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and the Soup Nazi.  Serve take out soup, black and white cookies, and have a blast with a “nothing” theme. It worked for nine years on NBC.

Great Gatsby Party

Debonaire Specialty Invitations by PaperDirectThe 1920’s can be a great theme, especially for an after-hours party. Think totally glamorous, dark, speakeasy feel and you have this covered.

Office parties do not have to be boring or cliché if you infuse the expected with the wacky and unexpected!